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March 28, 2018



To:                Eighth Grade Pioneer Parents

                     Porterville Schools and Feeder Schools


From:            Mr. Angel Valdez, Pioneer Middle School Principal


Subject:        Computer Competency Testing for 8th Grade Students


As you know, Porterville Unified School District requires incoming 9th grade students to either pass a Computer Competency Skills test or take a basic computer skills class as a freshman. Eighth graders hoping to waive the freshman basic computer skills class have the opportunity to take the Computer Competency Test which consists of ensuring students are able to: 1) Type 20 words per minute with 90% accuracy 2) Create a PowerPoint presentation, and 3) Navigate the Internet. Please note that this test is not mandatory. However, failure to take or pass the test will result in the student being placed on a basic computer class as a freshman.    


The test is being offered twice at Pioneer per the following Testing Schedule:  (3:30 pm)  Allow approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes for the test.

Be sure to sign up for the test in the office. There is limited space available in the lab for testing. (30 students max)



Tuesday March 27, 2018


   Thursday April 5, 2018




  Pioneer  – Room 6B




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