Band at Pismo Beach

by Jazmine

When the band went to Pismo Beach  they were so excited to go. So once we got there we were sure we would would win. So we walked for like 20-30 minutes and once we were about to start the competition rain started pouring on the whole band it was the most funniest moment ever. The auxiliary girls were screaming and yelling because there make-up and hair and dresses were getting wet, so technically they made a big drama about it. While on the other side the band didn't worry much but we did have trouble putting on our “Ponchos” and trying to keep our uniforms and instruments nice and dry. After a while we still kept marching and right before we got to the starting line to start the competition the sun came out and there we go again taking of the ponchos and marching down the street doing our best. Last but not least Mr. Amaral let us hang-out and go eat somewhere closes and walk around till 1:00, thats when he wanted us at the peer, so we all meet there. Then the judges started saying the places and winners and we won sweepstakes and 3rd place in flags. After all the raining, we actually had lots of fun and came home with 2 trophies.


by Fernando

The Pioneer Mustang Band can and will give the participant a great time. For one, the band takes yearly trips to various location around the county and out of the county. Trips include Pismo Beach, Disneyland, and Fresno. These are all fun trips that the band makes, and these trips will make your year here at Pioneer. It is hard work, but that hard work pays off when we are one of the best band in the central valley and when we get lots of trophies. In the band, you also make many new friends that can help you if you need it. So the band may be difficult at times, but the band is where a lot of fun activities happen. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to do something musical.


by Ana

Band was probably the best elective or class I've had my eighth grade year. There were times that I didn't want to be in band because I was nervous that I would play the song or the scales incorrectly. Other than the stress to try to memorize a song or the march, it was really fun getting to experience the feeling of marching down the street with everyone. When we went to the Kingsburg competition everyone was really nervous, my row wanted  to stay straight during the march so that we wouldn't get points taken off. There was a lot of people down the street watching which made me feel even more pressured. We ended up getting 1st for band, 2nd for auxiliary, and I don't remember the rest. Although we didn't win sweepstakes, we still returned to school happy, because we knew we did good. I do not regret being in band, I have so many memories in just a short amount of days.


by Francisco

The end of the year of band was great. Our last competition was in Kingsburg, we got about 5 awards: nearly all of them were 2nd place but the 5th trophy was a 1st place. We had a great time over there in Kingsburg it was an amazing experience because we were in the swedish part of town and everything looked so foreign. The people were very happy and generous to all the people that  participated in the event. Many people knew we were going to get the majority of trophies because we won first place in everything for the last 3 years. After the performance at Kingsburg we took the bus ride back to school and changed out of the new uniforms we recently bought and started unloading the trailer where we keep the instruments.


by Michael

This year I was in band once again. Band was an amazing experience this year knowing that many of us 8th graders had to help the 7th grades with their music whenever they didn't understand a note, tempo, or the music. Band showed me that not only did I have to try my hardest, but I also had to become a leader. I wasn't the best in the band, but I tried my best to improve in every category. Every marching competition was our chance to give it our all and perform as best as we can to win the competitions. Band was in my opinion, an amazing opportunity to have fun and enjoy myself. We won 1st place in most competitions thanks to all of my hard working band members. Not only did we have to work extremely hard, but we also got rewarded by getting to spend time with our friends after we marched from a competition hoping to win 1st. In my opinion, I do believe that band is the best elective a person should get, we have fun, work hard, and go to many competitions enjoying ourselves.


by Paola

The band and auxiliary has had an amazing season this year. They have went to competitions like Kingsburg, Pismo Beach, Fowler and more! The have had had percentages in each of there competitions, even sometimes first place. They just had there Spring Concert a few weeks ago which was a huge success with about 300 people showing up!! The director Jack Amaral just accomplished his dream of the band getting new uniforms, and the front banner girls to get there shields fixed. The band has been a great experience for me these two passed years, which have helped me get into the Porterville High School Marching Band. It really is as great as it sounds, so if you love to play music and have fun while doing it join the Pioneer Mustang Marching Band. All in all, the band has sounded good and looked good this season!


By Saul

On May 15, 2015, the Pioneer Middle School Band went to Kingsburg. When we got there, we got excited because we won 1st place band in everything for the past two years, but we were sure that we could keep the streak going! First we had to get our new uniforms on and get our instruments ready. Once we got everything together, we were ready to march! We were nervous but felt ecstatic at the same time. Then the big moment happened. We started marching and we did the best we could. It was nerve wreaking but when we finished no one knew what to do say. All we did was hope for the best. When we finished we had 2 hours to walk around the parade and grab something to eat. After we had our time to roam around, we went to the park where the results would be announced for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. We finally got our results back. We brought home a 2nd place drum-major, 2nd place auxiliary, 2nd place color guard, but we got 1st place band! We were bummed that we got second place in most of the categories but we were glad that we got first place band. But by the end of the day, we were glad that we got good results in this year at Kingsburg.


by Sierra

The Pioneer Mustang Marching band has had an incredible 2014-2015 band. We have done many great things this year and taken home many trophies. We have taken home many first place trophies, along with 2nd place and 3rd place, never placing lower than third. We got a score of 'excellent' at both of our festivals, and we had an impeccable end of the year concert. We worked hard all through the year, including after school, during lunch, and on the weekends, to perfect and improve our music. We also got new uniforms that we wore for the first time at the Kingsburg Band Review. Everyone in the band worked hard to get them and we were excited to wear them for the first time. Even though, all of the eighth graders are leaving, we have excellent 6th and 7th graders in our band. The band has overall had a great year and are hoping to have an even better one next year. I am proud to say that I participated in the band, and I'm sad that I have to leave.