LA Choir Field Trip

By Pablo

I went on a field trip to Los Angles to watch a choir perform in a live audience. I also got to meet one of the singers in person. The performance was a 3 hour long performance, but it was a great performance they sang at least 5-8 songs and there was an intermission. And after the performance we went to the top of the building to meet one of my teachers friends. It was a singer form the choir. She told us all about why she liked to sing and perform. And she also told us that she sometimes talks in movies as the character. She said that there was going to coming soon that she was in already. And then we all went to go eat at a buffet. 


by Mackinzie

The end of the year in choir was pretty intense. There was a rush to get songs learned, and put together for the two performances we had. Our first performance was a concert with the orchestra and guitar class, and we did a medley of history of rock and roll . Along with the rush and stress with that, when it was finished we had to get our performance for renaissance ready. It was a few weeks of endless practicing, and Mr. Knutson scolding us for not paying attention. The great downfall of it all was the fact that Mr. Knutson was gone for three days the week of Renaissance, so we had to make do with our amazing pianist Mrs. Murdock. We learned the song and when Mr. Knutson got back and we did a few run throughs we were ready. We did an awesome job singing "For Good" for Mrs. Cates, who is unfortunately retiring. Though there was a lot for us to do at the end of the year, it was a fun experience and I'm glad that we got to do it. Choir is recognized for much, but it a fun class that requires you to be involved. So maybe next year you will consider choir for one of your classes, only if you're not afraid of some hard work.

by Victor

The choir class had two really fun performances this year like our celebration of music through out the ages. And our performance for Mrs. Cates retirement at the Renaissance. For our celebration we sang songs that dated all the way from the 50's to the 70's. For Mrs. Cates we sang a song called <i>For Good </i>from the musical Wicked. The reason was the lyrics sounded right for saying good-bye to an old friend. The celebration was fun because the songs were fun, but unfortunately we didn't get to learn all the songs. We were originally going to do 50's through 90's but we couldn't do it.