Scicon  is an outdoors one week camp that will give any child who goes there great influence and outdoor fun. Many people may or might be afraid to go but it is actually more fun than I expected on your first day you will have to do three to two trails then eat and after that meet your councilors these will be the people who are in high school who will be there when you need them and the people you will sleep with. Also you will meet two other groups from a normal school who can even might become your friend. After that the weeks will go by fast there will be a special surprise on Thursday that involves going at night for an outdoor activity and music. Friday though you will pick your elective trail and you can even pick a faster choice if you got personal excellences on all your trails. A personal excellence you can get by participating and behaving. After that week at scicon you will want to go again and again.


Newsies trip 

by Angel

The first thing that we did is to go to the meeting to get the permission slip so are parents can sing it. The second meeting was what thing we can sell to pay are field trip. You have to pay $160 to go to Hollywood Theater. We have to start selling candy I start with two boxes of chocolates then 14 bags of lollipops. Now I paid every thing for the field trip and we are living on saturday 28th.


Hollywood “Newsies”

This school year we are going on a trip to Hollywood and this year what we had to do in order to go we had to sell:

  1. Seas candy 
  2. Rice Krispy’s 
  3. Lollypops 

The first thing we did is to go we had to go to a meeting to get the permission slip so are parents can sing it. The second meeting was that we can sell to pay are field trip. You have to pay $160 to go to Hollywood Theater. We have to start selling candy I started with two boxes of chocolates then 14 bags of lollipops. Now I paid everything for the field trip and we are leaving on Saturday  28, 2014 

Newsies in Hollywood

by Angel

The first thing I  had to do was go to the meeting. What I needed to do in the meeting was get a permission slip. So that night I got my mom to sing it. The next morning  there was another meeting during lunch brake. The second meeting was just about the how we are going to pay it. There was two way to pay for the trip. One was to pay the $160 to go. The other way was to sell candy to pay it off. So I sold candy to pay it off. The candy I sold was chocolates and lollipops. It took me a while to rick  the $160, but i did. 

Hollywood; Newsies 

By, Anabella

The Hollywood Newsies field trip is March 28th 2015. Students have paid over $150 to go on this trip. On the way there we stopped at Starbucks, McDonalds, and Panda Express. Students had a certain amount of time to get what they wanted before we left. When we arrived we walk down the sidewalk with the stars of the famous actors and singers. The play started at 2:00 but we arrived at the theater at 1:15. The student were allowed to buy drinks and snacks before the play and during intermission. After the play we went to Universal Studios, where we had time to shop and eat at Hard Rock Cafe. After we ate we also had a little amount of time to shop some more. We left at 6:30 and didn’t arrive back to Pioneer until around 10:00.


LA Choir Field Trip

By Pablo

I went on a field trip to Los Angles to watch a choir perform in a live audience. I also got to meet one of the singers in person. The performance was a 3 hour long performance, but it was a great performance they sang at least 5-8 songs and there was an intermission. And after the performance we went to the top of the building to meet one of my teachers friends. It was a singer form the choir. She told us all about why she liked to sing and perform. And she also told us that she sometimes talks in movies as the character. She said that there was going to coming soon that she was in already. And then we all went to go eat at a buffet. 

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Band at Pismo Beach

by Jazmine

When the band went to Pismo Beach  they were so excited to go. So once we got there we were sure we would would win. So we walked for like 20-30 minutes and once we were about to start the competition rain started pouring on the whole band it was the most funniest moment ever. The auxiliary girls were screaming and yelling because there make-up and hair and dresses were getting wet, so technically they made a big drama about it. While on the other side the band didn't worry much but we did have trouble putting on our “Ponchos” and trying to keep our uniforms and instruments nice and dry. After a while we still kept marching and right before we got to the starting line to start the competition the sun came out and there we go again taking of the ponchos and marching down the street doing our best. Last but not least Mr. Amaral let us hang-out and go eat somewhere closes and walk around till 1:00, thats when he wanted us at the peer, so we all meet there. Then the judges started saying the places and winners and we won sweepstakes and 3rd place in flags. After all the raining, we actually had lots of fun and came home with 2 trophies.

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by Rodrigo

Pioneer went to Hobbs Grove this year.  They took over 150 students. They took two busses to Sanger. They took a stop for the students can have lunch. They had three choices, Taco Bell, Mc.Donald’s and KFC. Once they got to Hobbs Grove they all got off the bus. All the students got excited because they had three haunted places to go to. I picked the Haunted House first it wasn't really scary for me some people got scared. My second choice was the Haunted Forest. The Haunted Forest was pretty scary, there were people crawling and people with chainsaws chasing you. Once we got out the  Haunted Forest we were laughing and were ready to go to the last one witch was called the Hay Ride. That was my favorite one out of all of them. My friends and I got on a wagon that had a lot of of hay on it. While the wagon was moving there was girls in white dresses and people with chainsaws and knifes chasing the wagon, every one was scared.

By Jennifer

Do you want to know about a great place to visit. If you are a person that likes getting scared than Hobbs Grove is for you. Hobbs Grove is in Sanger Fresno California. At Hobbs Grove you can go into the haunted house, hay ride, or the haunted forest. Hobbs Grove has a wide selection at the gift shop such as glow sticks,glow in the dark jewelry light up hair bands. Hobbs Grove also has a wide selection of food stands you can buy funnel cake, pop corn, and hot dogs. So if you in for a fright come to Hobbs Grove in Sanger Fresno in California. 

By Mariela

Are scary movies your favorite? Do you and your friends enjoy getting scared? And if so , Hobbs Grove is the ultimate haunted Halloween experience. Hobbs Grove has a creepy mysterious yet frightening fun, atmosphere. You and your group of friends can explore 3 different paths each one more terrifying than the other! The Forest is known as the most scariest path. In The Forest you better be ready to run for your life, because scary killer clowns, zombies, and even Freddy Cougar are all out to hunt you down! Chasing you until you give up and become their victims! Remember Hobbs Grove only comes during Halloween, be safe.

By Daniel 

This school year pioneer went on a trip to Hobbs Grove. Over 150 students got to go on this trip. On the way there we stopped to get dinner there was Taco Bell, KFC, and Mc Donald's. After we ate dinner we got back on the road to Hobbs Grove. When we arrived Mr. Ortega handed everyone three tickets, one was for the Haunted House another one was for the Haunted Forest and the third one was for the Hay Ride. My friends and me went to the Haunted house first it wasn’t that scary, after we got at the Haunted House they took a photo of us. Next we went to the Haunted Forest, we had to go through mazes which were pretty scary.