First Football Game of the year   

Pioneer Mustangs vs. Sequoia Hawks

By Aqeel Aziz, Jonathan Delgado, Jayden Villarreal

The first football game of the season took place at Sequoia Middle School where the Pioneer Mustangs pull out a close one over the Hawks with a final score of 6-0. On the first drive of the game, Manuel Aguilar, the starting running back for the Mustangs ran the ball two straight plays and gained 5 yards on both attempts to give the Mustangs the first down. However, the Sequoia Hawks stayed strong and held the Mustangs to a 4th down play. The Mustangs run a trick play that frees up the wide receiver, Arnold Huerta, for an easy touchdown.  The quarterback was sacked on a failed two point conversion attempt. The Sequoia Hawks play well, running the ball strong. However, the Pioneer defense stops them for no score. From there both of the defenses played strong and neither team scored.

 No team scored because both of the defenses played amazing and did not allow another score. In the end the Mustangs came out on top and took the W. Both teams shook hands and showed good sportsmanship. The football team would also like to thank Coach Sandoval for his hard efforts and helping the football team get that win.

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