Cross Country Season Begins!

by Mae-Lani Viernes

Imagine running in the 100 degree heat with different students from different schools. Sweat collecting on your the forehead, with the sun beating down on you. Just seconds away from crossing the finish line, and beating the other students. That’s what it’s like to be a cross country runner. As school begins, so does the cross country season! 

The Pioneer Middle School Cross Country team consist of 22-24 runners from 6-8 grade. They practice on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday every week, unless the coach isn’t there or the conditions outside aren’t suitable. But when they do practice, all of the team members have to run a mile around the whole field including the basketball courts too! Not only are they striving to beat their own personal mile time, but they are also improving their stamina. By improving their stamina, it will help them in different sports later on in the year like soccer, basketball, or track. Alex Avalos, an 8th grade cross country runner, agrees that doing cross country will help bring up your stamina. “Being in cross country will definitely improve my stamina in soccer.” he stated. 

The first official cross country meet is next Tuesday, September 12th at Woodlake. With the help of their coach, Mr. Leonard Hogue, we hope to celebrate their first win!

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