Cadet Bivouac 

by Ashley S

The bivouac was a great and fun activity.  On the second day we went on a hike up a mountain. It was 1 mile up and 1 mile down, so it was 2 miles.  We had great food and we did a lot of physical training. We did an obstacle course. We had to do 20 squats and 10 push-ups.  My favorite activities were the classes. We had Land nav, tarp snares, first aid and Guard duty.  I was in 3rd platoon and I was an assistant squad leader; we did a lot of yelling.  We always had to be hydrated. We had to have 3 battle buddies to with us everywhere. We were never alone. We had night duties or shifts. Pioneer was lucky because we didn't have to do it.  In conclusion, the bivouac was an amazing experience and I learned how to do land navigation. 


2016 Bivouac

by Andy G

The bivouac was fun and my favorite activity was the obstacle course. I was the first person to compete in the obstacle course against Viernes and I won by a second. We first had to go around 3 big blue water jugs. Then we did high knees for a few feet. The next thing that I had to do was shuffle around a box three times. Then I had to do ten push ups as fast as we could. The next thing that I had to do was karaokes and then 20 squats. In conclusion, this year's bivouac was a great experience.