by Rosaura

An activity I've done during school was sort of an activity, I was taking pictures for Mr. Percival for the fear factor week. I took pictures on a Monday and the activity that day was to eat fish eyes. The fish eyes smelled a lot like fish (duh) they had to blind fold the students, and they thought they were going to eat fish eyes! But in reality no one ate fish eyes, they thought they did, but they didn't at all. The students were blind folded and they had to put their hands in back of them while eating the orby flavored mango, green beans, soup thingy's, menace i think, and other mixed things that made it stink. Some kids were already throwing up while eating the delicious mysterious fish eyes. When time was up, they unblind folded them and they saw what they had ate and they were surprised, because they thought all this time they were eating fish eyes but in reality they weren't. In conclusion, my activity was to take picture and they came out pretty cool and I was amazed too.


by Yesenia

Video production is a class were you get to express yourself through your videos and photos. In video production you get to work on the videos for the Renaissance, website videos and any other video during the school year. It helps you learn how to use a computer properly while having fun. You get to work with Photoshop, Motion, and Final Cut Pro. You get to work with cameras and are able to make small movies throughout the school year. At the end you also get to make your own DVD which includes all the things you've done this school year. The best part about video production is that you don't have to do your work exactly like everyone else, you can make it as unique as you want it to be. This is a great experience and I think other people would enjoy it as much as I did.

By: Jorge

Has anyone ever told you about the Pioneer Middle School Video Production class?  Well, if they haven't in the Video Production class gets to use cameras to make videos. In addition with the photos and videos that we take we can use it to make a astonishing video, with pictures of video, and with little bit of effects we made the videos in the Fall Renaissance and most videos on the Pioneer Middle School page , The Mustang Stampede, we made with videos, music, pictures, and effects we can make anything.


Video Production Class

By Anthony

Making a commercial in Video Production Class, for Pioneer Middle School, was hard but it was fun. I had to make a commercial to persuade people to come to Pioneer Middle School.  I think I did a good job on it. It was hard, I had to use Pages, Motion, and Final Cut Pro. We do a lot of different things in Video Production Class.  It is a fun class to be in.