Condors VS. Heat



by Kyle Driver

The Condors-Heat game was one of the best field trips I have ever been on. One very awesome thing was that it was the largest field day in the history of the Condors stadium and we were a part of it! It was a little disappointing that the Condors lost but it was still a good game (Heat won 3-1). During the game There were 3 fights but the first one was the best. They took of their gloves and started to fist fight. Also in the third period the people in front of us left so we got front row seats so you could feel when they smashed into the wall. Jonathan and Talon said I flinched every time they hit the wall. In the end of the game the Condors took out their goalie and it made a huge difference, the puck didn’t go to their side at all so Heat wasn’t Able to score. All in all it was an amazing game.




Condors VS Heat


by Jonathan Rodriguez

The trip to the Condors versus Heat Hockey game was amazing and very interesting! What we did before going to the Feld trip however, was to make sure we were on the list to go. The ride to Bakersfield was not at all that boring since I had my Friend Kyle next to me and my friend Talon at the seats next to us and we talked and laughed all the way. Once we arrived at the Arena, we got in line to get our Tickets of administration and our Lunch which came inside a small box. As we entered inside, there were people selling food, Merchandise, and Souvenirs. The Hockey Game in general was interesting because not because of the game itself, but because I’ve never been to a game or stadium/Arena before. As the game went on, Schools were being welcomed and as each were called up, that school would scream. Some kids from our school were also given things from the Heat team; a hockey stick and a puck both of which were given to a boy named Jesse and another named Thomas. We were sitting in the front row by the time the game started to end and that was cool because we saw the players from up close and flinched every time someone hit the boards. Once the game ended, the score was Condors 1 and Heat 3, we went back outside and in the bus and I fell asleep in the way back to school. 

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