Video Production

by Viviana Verduzco


This year we have done many projects in Video Production, one of which I have enjoyed very much has been our movie on the ASB Officers. One reason that I enjoyed doing our project on the ASB Officers is that we got to explore Motion. Motion is a program in which we have learned how to create, edit, and export videos. This year we will be using Motion to edit all our videos that will be presented in assemblies, including at Renaissance. Motion also allows us to present what we have learned so far and to give people an idea of what Pioneers Video Production class is capable of. Another reason of which why I enjoy our project on the ASB officers is that we got to use GarageBand. GarageBand is an app that we can create lots of different types of music to include in our videos. We learned how to experiment with different instruments such as brass instruments, pianos, wood winds, drums and many more. We also got to use different vocals that were provided by the app. Also, we learned how the different instruments go together and got to create our own music that was used in our ASB Officers video. To conclude, our video on the ASB Officers was a very interesting project that we did in Video Production.




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