Pioneer Youth Day

by Karina Ortiz

During Pioneer Youth Day I saw several aztec dancers, a military soldier, the future ready lab staff, and set your goals guide. The Aztec dancers had very cool flutes set out on a table that were used and passed on and they even showed the sun’s calendar. The first flute that the guy played was made out of clay and it was about fifty years old. They also played a seashell flute that they would use to communicate with a different community such as Hawaii. Another thing that they did was dance while playing some of their favorite instruments. At the end of class one of the Aztec dancers was honored by playing flutes that no one else would be able to use and he created a song and danced. The military soldier was very cool he worked as a parachute range, he went to several places, and his job was to give out things to other places that have been attacked. The military soldier was named Alaniz and he was born from Oklahoma in the midwest and he came all the way to California. He started as a soldier at the age of twenty-one and has been working for about ten years and still working as a soldier today. He has never been to Italy which is part of france, but he is planning to go soon when he travels as a soldier. He also said that he is planning on retiring after twenty years, so he can still have time to get another job. In conclusion, Pioneer Youth day was awesome meeting several Aztec dancers, a military soldier, a future ready lab staff and a set your goals guide.


Pioneer Youth Day


by Mirla Rojas

One thing I saw at Pioneer Youth day was Aztecs Dancers, Military Soldier, Future ready lab, and Set Your Goals Guide. The Aztecs had clay flutes which they use to make music or communicate they also had a different way of communicating. The Aztec Dancers talked to us about the Sun Calendar and then showed us the instruments they used to communicate if they live far away from each other. The Aztecs also had a Death Whistle they would use to communicate with heaven or people that have passed away. The Aztecs also found out how many days are in a year because they would count how many times the sun would go up and then would go down which was 365 days in a year and that’s how the Sun God Calendar was created because it has 365 circles on it which represents how many days are in a year. Aztec Dancers communicated through a sea shell which would be very loud so the other person that lived far away would be able to hear it and communicate back with there SeaShell. The Military soldier name was Alaniz and he was born and grew up in Oklahoma in the midwest and he came all the way to California to become a Parachute Range in the Military. The Military Soldier told us about his job which was Parachute Range were you have to fold your own parachute and pack it into your bag then jump off a plane to see if it works or not. The Military Soldier also told us about how is brother graduated from high school and didn't know what to study so he joined the Military and became a cook there. The Military Soldier is also in the Military for over 10 years and he wants to be in it for 20 years so he could retire and get a different job. The Military Soldier Joined the Military at the age 21 and he is 32 now and is still in the Military and is here in Porterville, CA until August. In conclusion,Pioneer Youth Day was very fun and we got to learner many different things we didn’t know about and we also got to see how aztecs dancers and the instruments they used to communicate and make music.


Pioneer Youth Day

by Julian Nunez

During Pioneer Youth Day was a pretty fun activity because it was not like any other day in school, we got to see how a firefighter handled fires in the  mountains and also we saw Aztec items and got to learn about them.One of my favorite session when we went to the Aztec tribe.They had some really cool whistles that they used to communicate around the tribes. They played the whistles to, they sounded very cool and had unique sounds.They also had drums thay they played for us that looked pretty cool.They told us that the Aztec people were so smart that they had floating farms. They also danced for us and play a couple of songs for us towards the end of our session. Another session that was pretty cool was the Firefighter session. This session was cool because the guy showed us a video of them putting out a fire on the mountain, it was awesome! He showed us some of the tools he used when he would go fight fires. He explained to us that Firefighting was a tough job and you had to stay in shape for it. He was showed us that he would eat an MRE (Meals Ready to Eat). and he would have a space blanket to keep him warm at night. In conclusion, all of my sessions were cool but the Aztec tribes and Firefighting job were my favorited sessions out of all of them.




by Athena Pacheco


      On Pioneer Youth day I saw a Aztec flute player and, military soldier. The Aztec flute player, played beautifully and, he danced a little and wrote a song. The Aztec flute player his flutes were an honor to be played. The flutes that he played where cool and loud. The guy played his own song that he wrote and is was beautiful. The guy also had a replica of a fifty year old drum, that is now in a museum. The military soldier he traveled a lot and, did may things like pack parachutes. The army soldier seem most places in the world, like Africa, China and other places. He packed parachutes to jump out of planes, to test the parachute. The other thing that he did was that he had to help his team, to send packages with the parachutes down for emergencies. He was the best at sowing, but he didn’t like to sow. In conclusion,these are some of the thing that I did on youth day.This is why my youth day was fun.The youth day taught me to always to get good grades, so I don’t miss anything fun activities. I got to see amazing things. I also learned that when you work hard  all your work pays off.



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