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Parent iPad Flyer

Pioneer Middle School             


October 10, 2017, 5-6 PM (ENGLISH ONLY)

·     5:00 PM: Meet and Greet in Genius Barn.

·     5:10 PM: Parent meeting for iPad information.

·     6:00 PM: Recap of information 



Escuela Secundaria Pioneer

11 de Octubre, 5-6 PM (Espanol)

·     5:00 PM: Conocer  salud en el Genius Barn.

·     5:10 PM: Reunion de padres para la informacon de iPad.

·     6:00 PM: Resumen de infomacion.

AR Incentive


Friday, October 12, 2018



Student Store

Student Store Re-Opening

by Sandy Atrisco and Wendy Ramos Maciel

On August 28, 2017 something really wanted was re-opening. The Student store was re-opening to start fundraising for our school. The student store is located in Pioneer Middle School next to the Quad. Our leadership students have helped out to re-open the Student store.

The day the student store opened there was a long line of new students and also students that have been in Pioneer. They waited patiently in line including Sandy and I. Everyone was excited to check out the remodeled Student Store. Staff and students have helped put this store together for us! It has helped us raise money for field trips, and new technology.

Our student store has great prices and good products. Most of the products are less than $2. The store has many options to choose from including, Fruit roll ups, Flavored sodas, Ice Cream/slushies, Chips, etc. Some of the new things in the store are: drumsticks ( ice cream), IPad Chargers, and new cashiers. Our leadership group takes turns working in the student store.

In conclusion, we have seen that the students love the store. We believe that the student store is a great place to buy snacks during lunch while helping the school earn money for student activities.

Student store

By: Melissa Magallon & Briseyda Ledesma

The student store at Pioneer Middle School is for students to buy and enjoy delicious snacks. Leadership students are in charge of the student store that is open for business during lunch. Leadership students will take turns being in charge of stocking, selling, and running the store. In the student store some things will be the same and some things will be new.

Many things in the student store will stay the same, but there will be new and improved items. The new items they will be selling are Drumstick Ice cream, and Icee slushee. Other than food the student store will also be selling iPad chargers in case students lose theirs. Stylus will also be sold at the student store for easy use on iPads. For all the money they earn they needed somewhere to put it, so they bought a cash register. With a cash register they can have all the money nice and organized. The student store is a great way for students to purchase mouthwatering snacks and drinks, as well as iPad chargers and stylists.

In conclusion, the student store will not only sell tasty treats, but will also sell items students needs.So overall the new items that will be sold are drumsticks, slusheeies, wall chargers, and stylus pens. Leadership students are going to do a great job handling the students store. One thing’s for sure, this is going to be the best student store ever.

Pioneer Middle School’s Student Store

by Justice Cunningham

For the school year of 2017-2018, Pioneer’s Student Store has reopened as an easy go-to snack bar for students, with new equipment as well.

iPad chargers are being sold for only $15 inside the Student Store, so that students who owe money or chargers in order to receive their iPad can simply buy the charger for half price to receive their iPad, instead of the full price in the library. This also benefits students who need a spare charger in their backpack.

There are also beverages in Pioneer’s Student Store. The beverages being sold range from juices to slushies. The prices these beverages are being sold for are from $1 to only $0.50. Instead of buying a drink on your way to school, then it being hot by the time lunch comes around, you could simply buy a drink during lunch. This is a great opportunity for those students who have PE in 6th period, right after lunch, to buy a cold water or juice they can drink during PE to cool off.

Not only are beverages sold in the Student Store, but snacks are as well. Snacks being sold include ice-creams, fruit roll-ups, cookies, and many different types of chips. Again, the prices range from only $1 to $0.50, which are way cheaper than a $2.50 ice cream that can be bought at a mini-mart on the way to school! 

As you can see, the Pioneer Middle School Student Store, which is open Monday-Friday during lunch hour, has many great products for sale, for very low prices!


Pioneer Middle School Club

Image result for Math engineering science achievement Image result for Math engineering science achievement flyerImage result for Math engineering science achievement

Advisors: Mrs. Ruiz & Mr. Clark

Emails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rooms #: 32, 11

Phone #:559 782-7000


Meetings - Thursdays at lunch

Saturday academies- 3 opportunities for Pioneer students to attend CSU-Fresno for Saturday workshops.  Workshops are hands on and encaging.   It is an all day event (7 am to 5 pm).  Transportation and Lunch provided.

Field trips- Many field trips will be offered throughout the year that are related to math, science, and engineering.  For example, college night at Visalia, Astronomy night at Circle J Ranch, Hockey game, UCLA, etc.  Students enrolled in the MESA program will be given priority.

Scholarships- Students enrolled in the MESA program throughout Middle School have a better chance of qualifying for the MESA $20,000 scholarship when they are in High School and a laptop scholarship when they are in 8th grade.

Competitions- Students will have an opportunity to make a project for regionals.   Winner will get medals and a chance to compete at UC-Santa Barbara.

 For more information go to - Fresno State Engineering MESA

All the student has to do is register, attend 90% of MESA club meetings, attend at least 1 Saturday academy, and have FUN!!


Saturday School

Pioneer Middle School

In association with the YES Program

Proudly presents…



You may be asking yourself, should I attend Saturday School? Here are some things to consider:

  • ·      Am I failing any of my classes?
  • ·      Have I been missing a lot of school?
  • ·      Do I have many missing assignments?
  • ·      Do I need extra time to focus on my school work to make sure it gets done? 
  • If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then Saturday school is for you!


The dates of Saturday School are…

February 23, 2019

March 30, 2019

April 27, 2019

All Saturday Schools are from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Breakfast and Lunch are provided for all participants of Saturday School

Transportation is also provided!

  • Bus 1- Doyle, Date & S. "A" street, 450 W. Springville Dr, 503 S. Milo, 940 S. Prospect, 500 W. Poplar (dirt shoulder)
  • Bus 2- Reservation


No need to sign up, just send your student on the bus on the dates provided




 Pioneer Middle School 

En asociación con el programa YES



Como estudiante te puedes preguntar: ¿Necesito asistir a la escuela del Sábado? Aquí hay algunas preguntas que puedes considerar:

• ¿Estoy fallando en alguna de mis clases? 

• ¿He estado faltando mucho a la escuela?

• ¿Tengo muchas trabajos faltantes?

• ¿Necesito más tiempo para concentrarme en mi trabajo escolar para asegurarme de que lo haga?


Si contestaste SÍ a cualquiera de las preguntas anteriores, ¡entonces la escuela del Sábado es para ti!



Las fechas para la escuela de sábado serán el...

23 de Febrero de 2019

30 de Marzo de 2019

27 de Abril de 2019

Todas las escuelas del sábado son de 9:00 am a la 1:00 pm.

Se ofrece desayuno y almuerzo para todos los participantes de la escuela del sábado

El transporte también se proporciona!


  • Autobús 1 - Doyle, Date & S. "A" street, 450 W. Springville Dr., 503 S. Milo, 940 S. Prospect, 500 W. Poplar (a un lado del camino)
  • Autobús 2- Reservación


No hay necesidad de inscribirse, simplemente envíe a su estudiante en el autobús en las fechas previstas


Social Media

The Dangers of

Social Media and Cyber Safety

Student Assembly

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Porterville Unified School District and Tulare County District Attorney will give a presentation to students of 6th—8th grade at Pioneer Middle School on the danger of social media and cyber safety for children.


8th Grade – 9:00 am

7th Grade – 11:00 am

6th Grade – 1:30 pm


Multi-purpose Building






Los Peligros de Medios Sociales

y Seguridad de Estudiantes


Asamblea para estudiantes

martes, 5 de septiembre, 2017


Los Peligros por Medios Sociales y Seguridad Cibernética




El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Porterville y el Procurador  Judicial del Condado de Tulare tendrán una presentación para los estudiantes de grado 6 a grado 8 en la Escuela Pioneer Middle School sobre los peligros de medios sociales y la seguridad cibernética para los estudiantes.

Martes, 5 de septiembre, 2017

8th Grade – 9 am

7th Grade – 11 am

6th Grade – 1:30 pm

En el edificio multiusos de la escuela pioneer




Activities Code

Activities Code of Eligibility


To be eligible for participation in extra-curricular activities, students must meet the following school and district eligibility regulations:


Academic:  Must have a 2.00 GPA or better each grading period.  Eligibility is to be determined at the end of the first and third quarters and the end of the first and second semesters.  Students with a GPA of less than 2.00 will be placed on academic probation for the next quarter.  If their GPA does not come up to the 2.00 standard, they will be declared ineligible for the following grading period.  To maintain eligibility, probationary students must maintain a minimum 2.00 GPA.


Citizenship/Attitude:  Students are expected to display satisfactory citizenship on campus and in the classroom.  Site administrators will notify advisor/coach and parents immediately upon violation of rules that constitute loss of eligibility from an activity.


Attendance:  Students shall be in school every period of the day of the event or in attendance the day prior to the weekend event unless excused by the parent in advance.  


Thank you in advance for your continued support of Pioneer Middle Students and Programs. 



Angel Valdez, Principal

Pioneer Middle School





Para ser elegible para participar en actividades extracurriculares, los estudiantes deben cumplir con las siguientes regulaciones de elegibilidad escolar:


Académicas: Debe tener un GPA de 2.00 o mejor cada período de calificación. La elegibilidad se determinará al final del primer y tercer trimestres y al final del primer y segundo semestres. Los estudiantes con un GPA de menos de 2.00 serán puestos en probación académica para el próximo trimestre. Si su GPA no llega a la norma 2.00, serán declarados inelegibles para el siguiente período de calificación. Para mantener la elegibilidad, deben mantener un mínimo de 2.00 GPA.


Comportamiento / Actitud: Se espera que los estudiantes demuestren un comportamiento satisfactorio en el campus y en el salón. Los administradores del sitio notificarán al ‘Coach” / entrenador y los padres inmediatamente después de la violación de las reglas que constituyen pérdida de elegibilidad de una actividad.


Asistencia: Los estudiantes estarán en la escuela cada período del día del evento o en asistencia el día antes del evento del fin de semana a menos que sea excusado por el padre por adelantado.


Gracias por su apoyo a los estudiantes y programas de Pioneer Middle School.



Angel Valdez, Principal


Pioneer Middle School