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Mustang Marching Band selling beef jerky

by Jasmine

The Mustang Marching Band represents our school. And it's important that we help out the band. We could help out the band by helping them get the money that they need. When I say help out I mean getting money for the Mustang band. One way we could help them is to buy beef jerky. That's right! You heard me! Beef Jerky! Everybody loves beef jerky! Mustang marching band is selling beef jerky, ( hot and original). The beef jerky is only for $2. 

So if you want to buy beef jerky go get some! The marching band members and the auxiliary girls are selling them. Remember, each beef jerky costs $2. So go to a marching band member and give them two dollars and they'll give you some beef jerky.

PIONEER Lunch Lines


by Celeste

The lunch lines here at Pioneer are just ridiculous. 

The lines are way too long, and the lunch time staff don't really control the lines. I don't believe the staff tries to control the lunch lines because  many people are out of line and most people cut just to be with their friends. It's unfair to me because whenever I'm in line to get lunch, there's always going to be that one person that goes in front of me to be with their friend(s). So, we have to make the lunch time staff actually do their job correctly and make sure no one cuts, and control the lines. 

In addition, the people who serve us lunch don't really move quickly. There's usually just one person serving food in the cafeteria. So, we might have to add more people to serve the food to go more quickly. Also, the lunch lines could get shorter in a short period of time.

Finally, the solutions to those problems should be having the lunch line staff pay more attention to the lines, and adding more people to help serve the food in the cafeteria. These are problems we should address and fix. I don't think most people actually see these 2 problems because they might be too busy. I believe that if we actually work on these 2 problems, we could fix them.

Football 2017



First Football Game of the year   

Pioneer Mustangs vs. Sequoia Hawks

By Aqeel Aziz, Jonathan Delgado, Jayden Villarreal

The first football game of the season took place at Sequoia Middle School where the Pioneer Mustangs pull out a close one over the Hawks with a final score of 6-0. On the first drive of the game, Manuel Aguilar, the starting running back for the Mustangs ran the ball two straight plays and gained 5 yards on both attempts to give the Mustangs the first down. However, the Sequoia Hawks stayed strong and held the Mustangs to a 4th down play. The Mustangs run a trick play that frees up the wide receiver, Arnold Huerta, for an easy touchdown.  The quarterback was sacked on a failed two point conversion attempt. The Sequoia Hawks play well, running the ball strong. However, the Pioneer defense stops them for no score. From there both of the defenses played strong and neither team scored.

 No team scored because both of the defenses played amazing and did not allow another score. In the end the Mustangs came out on top and took the W. Both teams shook hands and showed good sportsmanship. The football team would also like to thank Coach Sandoval for his hard efforts and helping the football team get that win.

Cross Country Begins

Cross Country Season Begins!

by Mae-Lani Viernes

Imagine running in the 100 degree heat with different students from different schools. Sweat collecting on your the forehead, with the sun beating down on you. Just seconds away from crossing the finish line, and beating the other students. That’s what it’s like to be a cross country runner. As school begins, so does the cross country season! 

The Pioneer Middle School Cross Country team consist of 22-24 runners from 6-8 grade. They practice on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday every week, unless the coach isn’t there or the conditions outside aren’t suitable. But when they do practice, all of the team members have to run a mile around the whole field including the basketball courts too! Not only are they striving to beat their own personal mile time, but they are also improving their stamina. By improving their stamina, it will help them in different sports later on in the year like soccer, basketball, or track. Alex Avalos, an 8th grade cross country runner, agrees that doing cross country will help bring up your stamina. “Being in cross country will definitely improve my stamina in soccer.” he stated. 

The first official cross country meet is next Tuesday, September 12th at Woodlake. With the help of their coach, Mr. Leonard Hogue, we hope to celebrate their first win!

Students vs Teachers

Teachers vs. Students 2016 Basketball Game





Cadet Bivouac 

by Ashley S

The bivouac was a great and fun activity.  On the second day we went on a hike up a mountain. It was 1 mile up and 1 mile down, so it was 2 miles.  We had great food and we did a lot of physical training. We did an obstacle course. We had to do 20 squats and 10 push-ups.  My favorite activities were the classes. We had Land nav, tarp snares, first aid and Guard duty.  I was in 3rd platoon and I was an assistant squad leader; we did a lot of yelling.  We always had to be hydrated. We had to have 3 battle buddies to with us everywhere. We were never alone. We had night duties or shifts. Pioneer was lucky because we didn't have to do it.  In conclusion, the bivouac was an amazing experience and I learned how to do land navigation. 


2016 Bivouac

by Andy G

The bivouac was fun and my favorite activity was the obstacle course. I was the first person to compete in the obstacle course against Viernes and I won by a second. We first had to go around 3 big blue water jugs. Then we did high knees for a few feet. The next thing that I had to do was shuffle around a box three times. Then I had to do ten push ups as fast as we could. The next thing that I had to do was karaokes and then 20 squats. In conclusion, this year's bivouac was a great experience.