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Student Store Re-Opening

by Sandy Atrisco and Wendy Ramos Maciel

On August 28, 2017 something really wanted was re-opening. The Student store was re-opening to start fundraising for our school. The student store is located in Pioneer Middle School next to the Quad. Our leadership students have helped out to re-open the Student store.

The day the student store opened there was a long line of new students and also students that have been in Pioneer. They waited patiently in line including Sandy and I. Everyone was excited to check out the remodeled Student Store. Staff and students have helped put this store together for us! It has helped us raise money for field trips, and new technology.

Our student store has great prices and good products. Most of the products are less than $2. The store has many options to choose from including, Fruit roll ups, Flavored sodas, Ice Cream/slushies, Chips, etc. Some of the new things in the store are: drumsticks ( ice cream), IPad Chargers, and new cashiers. Our leadership group takes turns working in the student store.

In conclusion, we have seen that the students love the store. We believe that the student store is a great place to buy snacks during lunch while helping the school earn money for student activities.

Student store

By: Melissa Magallon & Briseyda Ledesma

The student store at Pioneer Middle School is for students to buy and enjoy delicious snacks. Leadership students are in charge of the student store that is open for business during lunch. Leadership students will take turns being in charge of stocking, selling, and running the store. In the student store some things will be the same and some things will be new.

Many things in the student store will stay the same, but there will be new and improved items. The new items they will be selling are Drumstick Ice cream, and Icee slushee. Other than food the student store will also be selling iPad chargers in case students lose theirs. Stylus will also be sold at the student store for easy use on iPads. For all the money they earn they needed somewhere to put it, so they bought a cash register. With a cash register they can have all the money nice and organized. The student store is a great way for students to purchase mouthwatering snacks and drinks, as well as iPad chargers and stylists.

In conclusion, the student store will not only sell tasty treats, but will also sell items students needs.So overall the new items that will be sold are drumsticks, slusheeies, wall chargers, and stylus pens. Leadership students are going to do a great job handling the students store. One thing’s for sure, this is going to be the best student store ever.

Pioneer Middle School’s Student Store

by Justice Cunningham

For the school year of 2017-2018, Pioneer’s Student Store has reopened as an easy go-to snack bar for students, with new equipment as well.

iPad chargers are being sold for only $15 inside the Student Store, so that students who owe money or chargers in order to receive their iPad can simply buy the charger for half price to receive their iPad, instead of the full price in the library. This also benefits students who need a spare charger in their backpack.

There are also beverages in Pioneer’s Student Store. The beverages being sold range from juices to slushies. The prices these beverages are being sold for are from $1 to only $0.50. Instead of buying a drink on your way to school, then it being hot by the time lunch comes around, you could simply buy a drink during lunch. This is a great opportunity for those students who have PE in 6th period, right after lunch, to buy a cold water or juice they can drink during PE to cool off.

Not only are beverages sold in the Student Store, but snacks are as well. Snacks being sold include ice-creams, fruit roll-ups, cookies, and many different types of chips. Again, the prices range from only $1 to $0.50, which are way cheaper than a $2.50 ice cream that can be bought at a mini-mart on the way to school! 

As you can see, the Pioneer Middle School Student Store, which is open Monday-Friday during lunch hour, has many great products for sale, for very low prices!

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