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Hello I am Taly,

I am 13 years old and I've lived in California my whole life! So I'm a Cali. girl! My nick name is Taly from Cali that my very good friend Kristin gave to me! My good friends are Kristyn, Kristin, Annie, Devi, Roxanne and etc..I think food that is my absolute fave. would be Beef Jerky and other stuff but and I can't think of any other food that I like. The school that I go to Pioneer ( it's jr. high ). I'm in 8th grade . Soon my birthday will be coming up so soon I will be 14 if you didn't know that already. The hobbies I like are surfing (the real thing), surfing the web, chatting, shopping, going to church, and etc.

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I am on the Olympian team,

On the Olympian we are going to Universal Studios and we have had only one trip before which was the Olympian picnic. The picnic was pretty cool! I wish we went on more trips though! What's cool about our team is that some of my friends are on my team some it aren't so that's not fun! On the team we have 4 teachers they are Mrs.Bradley, Mrs. Hembree, Mrs. Hererra, and Mr. Sundre. I wish we did more fun stuff on our team but we don't so that's not fun!

Language Arts

Hello now we are on language arts if you didn't already know. Our language arts teacher is Mrs.Bradley. She is very nice. I like the way she teaches and the way we et to read all the time! IN her room all over her walls there are posters everywhere! She has poster that have cool writing on it! We are watching the movie "Summer of The Monkeys", it's good! I like language arts cause in a way it is my favorite class!

Social Science

Our history teacher is Mr. Sundre he's pretty cool. I like his posters on the wall too! He teaches in a very cool way but he gives us too many work sheets! I don't like it when he does that it's kinda boring when he does tough! I like it when we sit there and we listen to him just teach! I also like silent reading in there and then when we do our vocabulary.


In math our teacher is Mrs. Hererra .She is pretty cool but I hate what we are learning right now it's we just don't get it. Most of the class doesn't get what we are supposed to learn in class. I get so confused on what to do or anything I try my hardest to figure out what to do but I guess I'm too stupid for math!


Science is cool up to the part when we quit doing chemistry I like chemistry. I don't like the thing we are studying now. It's astronamy. Our teacher is Mrs. Hembree. She is pretty cool to it's just that she wants everything so perfect and I'm far from that! In chemistry we go to do a whole bunch of cool stuff like labs and stuff.In astronomy we don't get to do anything we just sit there and listen it's boring!

Physical Education

We finally came this long way yay! Our teach is Mrs.Quintinillia and she is cool! I like some of the games we play! I especially like hockey, basketball, and flag football! I hate it when we run the stupid mile it is not fun in any way what so ever! Right now we are playing soccer it's ok I guess.

Advanced Computers

Well advanced computers is cool! I like our teacher and I wish we could stay in this class all day! It's a good way to start your morning. I sit by all my friends in this class and we talk but sometimes we get in trouble(oops). I like how we are creating our own web page and we get to make our own picture and everything how awesome.

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