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Hello I am Roxanne Guerra,

I live in the extremely interesting city of Porterville,(lucky me) and I'm 13 years old. The world was blessed with my presence on May 15, 1987. I go to Pioneer and I'm in 8th grade. My favorite color is red, and horses are my favorite animal. I live on the telephone, and I listen to 88.9 (KDUV). My friends call me Rocket. My best friends are: Devi, Taly, Annie, Chelsea, Kristin, Casey, Ashley, Jordan, Kristyn Akin, Maryann, and Maci. The list goes on (you see, I'm very popular). I live on a diet of chocolate, Pepsi (drink of champions), and Fritos. I consider chocolate to be much more important than oxygen. "Black Beauty" is my favorite movie, and, umm, I've already written too much about myself, and if I write more, some people might get the crazy idea that I'm conceited. (Heheheh.) So I think I'll write about something else now.

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I am on the Olympian Team

The Olympian team consists of the following subjects: Math (everyone's favorite subject), Science, Language Arts, and Social Science (fancy word for "history"). We're going to Universal Studios in March. It's going to be fun. I've never been there, but I've heard that it's really cool. :) The teachers on the Olympian team are: Mr. Sundre (Not only does he teach Social Studies, he's the only guy teacher on our team), Mrs. Hererra, (Math), Mrs. Bradley, (my personal favorite, Language) and, last but not least, Mrs. Hembree (Science).


Math is pretty cool. Mrs. Hererra, our teacher, is really nice. Jordan and Courtney are in math with me. Eddie and Johnathan are in there, too. They're really smart, but they pretend to be dumb so that Jordan will help them. Right now we're doing stuff that doesn't make too much sense, but hopefully I'll get it soon. If I don't, however, I won't be too disappointed. Greek isn't an easy language to learn. (Hehe. Joke.) Well, uh, Language is next, so I'm going to move on now.


Language Arts

My favorite class! I have Language 5th period, which is cool. Mrs. Bradley is super neato, and she always makes class fun. Except, I don't like vocabulary. It's not so fun. It's actually really boring. But everything else is fun! Oh, wait. I don't like Nothing But the Truth, which is what we're reading right now. It's kind of weird. Everything else is fun! Oh, wait. I also don't like...Just kidding. I like everything else. Silent Reading is my favorite thing to do in Language. Oh, look! Social Science is next! Yipee!

Social Science

Social Science isn't too bad. Mr. Sundre is okay. Not my favorite teacher, but he's alright. I have his class 3rd period. We do vocabulary in his class, too. :/ That kind of stinks. Otherwise, it would still be my favorite subject. Maybe. I don't know. I really like Language. So I guess Social Science has no chance of ever being my favorite class. Oh well.



Science is really cool. Taly, Jordan, Cynthia, and Courtney are in Science with me. Right now we're studying "The Physics Behind Space Travel" or something like that. It's pretty neat. Mrs. Hembree is nice, and she rarely gets mad at us. Sometimes, but not often. I have it 4th period,(right before lunch!), and that's cool. I am the smartest person in the whole class.(Yeah, right!) I gotta write about P.E. next, so here goes.


Physical Education

P.e. is my least favorite subject. I have it last, and the weather never cooperates. Taly and Ashley are in it with me, and they make it fun. My P.E teacher is Mrs. Quintanilla, and she's okay. Krystal is in P.E with us, too. She's pretty cool. Sometimes we get to do Tai Bo with Mr. Lee's class. I love Tai Bo. It's like, the only fun thing we do. Well, except for soccer. I love soccer.Well, um, computers is next, so I'm going to move on now.


Advanced Computers

Computers is really fun. I have it first thing in the morning, and four of my friends are in it with me. Devi, Taly, Kristin, and Annie are always cracking me up. Johnathan and Jorge are in it, too, but they don't talk much. We do really cool stuff, and once in a while we get to go on the Web. We also do Mavis Beacon, but that's kind of boring. All you do is type boring stuff. Sometimes you get to play games, but they're boring, too. Oh well.

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