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Hello I am Mike Alaniz

My name is Mike Alaniz. My first name is really Raymond but I prefer Mike instead. I am in 8th grade. I'm 14 years old. My birthday is on September 18. I live in Porterville California. I like listening to rap music and I really like playing football.

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I am on the Trailblazers team

Here at Pioneer there are six teams 3 for 7th grade and 3 for 8th grade. Last year I was on the Challengers team. Fortunately This year I'm on the Trailblazers team. In March were going to Universal Studios in Hollywood. Then at the end of the year when we graduate were going to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain.


Advanced Computers

In Advanced Computers it's pretty cool. So far all we did was draw pictures and make new pictures for are computers. Right now we're making our web pages. Then next we're going to make 3-D pictures.


Language Arts

In Language Arts it's pretty boring all we do is write in our journal for like ten minutes then we read in our books all period. Sometimes we read stories from our literature books. If were lucky our teacher Mr. Otto will put on a movie of the story we read . That;'s all we do in my Language Arts class.



I have science third period. In science my teacher's name is Ms. Stepanek. She's pretty cool but she always gets me in trouble. Recently in Science we are working on astronomy. Were learning about our planets, stars, and our many moons. During Christmas vacation we had to work on toothpick bridges. That was the hardest thing we did so far.


Social Studies

In Social Studies we learn about U.S. History. My teacher Mr. Herrera thinks he is a General in the civil war fighting for freedom. He also thinks he defeated the south and shattered the rebellion army.


Physical Education

P.E. is my worst class. I have a D in that class. I have the worst teacher she is mean sometimes, her name is Miss Quintilla. P.E. is fun but sometimes I don't like the things we play. My favorite thing to play is football. My second favorite thing is hockey. Other than that my P.E. class is boring.



For sixth period, my last class I have Algebra. Algebra is a high school class. My teacher's name is Mr. Steigleder. He is very funny. My math class is hard. Some work we do I can berely understand. My parents can hardly understand it. And that's my schedule.