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Hello I am Pheng Cha

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I like to dance a lot. I like to play football and basketball most of the time. I like dancing with girls at slow dance more than fast dance. If I fast dance I used raving into it cause I like the styles. I like the styles of raving cause the styles like trance, urban, nordertrack, and jungles has everything different in their styles. The best styles I like is urban, trance, and nordertrack.

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I am on the Seeker Team

Hi our team is the Seekers. Right now we just finish selling candy bars for our Universal Studios trip. We aregoing to Universal Studios in March 16, 2001. I think is going to be fun cause all the rides inside are going to be fun. When I go to Universal Studios I am going to chat with some girls over there.

Language Arts

My Language Arts teacher is Mr. Hogue. He is very nice to all the kids. In class sometimes he reads to us. Also in class Mr. Hogue also tells funny jokes to his class. Right now we are writing our own book inside. Everytime in class in the morning we do S.S.R. for like ten minute.

Social Science

My Social Science Teacher is Mr. Morroga. He is very nice. Mostly everyday we read in the text book. Be for we read the text book we have to do some work or something. Sometimes we do some easy work inside Social Science. Yesterday our teacher checked our planners. But we had just finish reading Luis and Clark.


My teacher in math is Mrs. Rodriguez. She is a very nice teacher. Yesterday our homework was schoolwide. I think the schoolwide was very easy. We also had our quiz passed back from last friday. Some people are learning how to do the two step equation also.


My teacher in Science is Mrs. Phipps. She is a nice teacher in Science. Right now we are in astonomy. Yesterday we were suppose to go outside and she was suppose to show us something. But it's cool though. Well we are doing our report tomorrow cause people are going to C.J.S.F. That's why we are going to do our report on Thursday.

Physical Education

My teacher in Physical Education is Mr. Phillips. He is a very nice teacher. Yesterday we were playing basketball. But instead of playing basketball me and my friends were kicking back. Today in P.E. I don't know what we are doing yet.

Advanced Computers

My teacher in Advanced Computers is Mr. Percival. He is the greatest computer teacher at this school. Right now we are doing our webpage. So I think it is going to be very fun. We had just finish our other assignment last week. So this week we are going to do our webpage.

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