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Hello I am Paul Brown

My favorite sport is football but I enjoy other sports like baseball. I am very good with animals like dogs, cats, and horses. I always help out around my house and other places like my friends or my cousins house. I like to travel around and explore around the reservation.

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I am on the Olympians

I'm on the Olympian team that is a eighth grade team here at Pioneer. The team that I am on is real cool because some of my friends are on that team. We went on only one trip it was fun because we played football and that was fun. I really like the Olympian teachers.


My math teachers name is Mrs.. Herrera. I like math because the teacher is always finding ways to make math fun. The students in math are always trying to do the best they can,and if they cannot get it the teacher will help them. i really like math tests.


I really like the science teacher because she has a sense of humor and her name is Mrs.. Hembree. Science is real cool because we do all kinds of projects. The science teacher because she always helps a lot of students who don't under stand what we are doing like in fourth period she has kids who don't speak English to good and she tells them what to do.


I really like language be cause Mrs.. Badly is always looking up fun work sheets to work on like synonym cross word puzzle and a dictionary look up game its a game that is real fun and easy. I think that the teacher is cool because she always helps any one who needs it and she likes to read.

Social studies

Social studies is cool because Mr. Sundre is always making the class laugh about any thing because he thinks he's a general in the civil war and he thinks slavery is good he fought to have slaves and slavery is not right and the generals' name is Colonel Mosbey.


Advanced computers

In advanced computers we could play games and projects. The teacher is real cool because he lets us take our time and don't rush us. The teacher that I'm talking about is Mr.Percival he's really cool and he knows a lot about computers. I like computers because you could type and play games and open web pages and web sites and the teacher will let you go online.

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In P.E. we play basketball and football we play racquetball sometimes.At the beginning of the year we played baseball. On rainy days we stay in the classroom and play trivia. I like my teacher because he likes to play baseball but he just won't let us play the game. The teachers' name is Mr. Phillips and he is cool he's a real nice guy is what the whole class thinks.