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Hello I am Michael Hicks

I'm 14 years old. I enjoy playing baseball for the school and Babe Ruth. I also like playing basketball and golf in other cities. When I'm not playing sports I'm watching my sister play on the JV girls basketball team. I'm currently going to start playing baseball for the school team.

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I am on the Trailblazer team

My favorite teacher is Mr. Steigleader. He's cool. He goes and plays basketball at lunch when people challenge him. I like all of my other teachers too. Science is cool because we get to do labs a lot. That's fun when we get to make explosions. That's my team the Trailblazers.

Language Arts

My language arts teacher is Mr. Otto. He teaches us how to make good business letters and things like that. He also has us write lots of outlines for the paragraphs and things that we write. He also has us watch movies and little power point projects that he makes.

Social Science

In my social science class we learn a lot about the old days. The man who teaches that is Mr. Herrera. We just maid a flag that is going to be used in a play down south. It took us a very long time to get it sewn. Which we didn't like, but the finished project was great.


My algebra teacher is Mr. Steigleader. He's a cool teacher, even though he changes attitudes a lot. He's my favorite teacher, like I said in the one of the other paragraphs. He teaches us lots of things and is fun at the same time.

Physical Education

My P.E. teacher is Ms. Quintanilla. We've played lots of things like basketball, softball, soccer, and volleyball. Right now we're playing soccer. Baseball is my favorite sport. I think we're playing that next. I hope so baseball's more fun than soccer.

Advanced Computers

My advanced computer teacher is Mr. Percival. He's cool to, because he lets us play games after we are done with the projects we work on. If it sounds like I'm doing fast your right. I want to play a game called 4x4 Evolution.

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