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Hello I am Marco Renteria

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I live in Porterville. I have lived here for a long time. Its been a long time. I do a lot of things in my town. I go outside and go to my friend house. I go to the stores that we have here which are some. I ride my bike. I came only jump off a ramp. I like to play sports like football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. I do a lot of stuff outside.

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I am on the Seeker Team

I think being on the Seeker team is fun. You get to go to a lot of field trips. Being on the Seeker team is cool and the teachers are cool. My science teacher is Mrs. Phipps. My social science teacher is Mr. Moraga. My Language arts teacher is Mr. Hogue. And finally my math teacher is Mrs. Rodriguez. We do all kind of fun things. We are going to get out of class and play bingo.


Language Arts

My Language Arts teacher is Mr. Hogue. When we first start the class we have to silent read. We do it everyday. Right know we are doing a homework project. We have to write a story and draw the pictures its going to be like a book when were done. I am almost done. We read about Martin Luther King Jr. We did a lot of projects. I have a C+ in his class.


Social Science

My Social Science teacher is Mr. Moraga. When I am in his class we read off the text book. Right know we learning about Expeditions of Americans and presidents. Today we are having a test on our spelling words. We had to study them last week I am ready. I think that social science is easy.



My Math teacher is Mrs. Rodriguez. When we start the class we have to do our add's. They are math problems that we have to do each morning. After that we check our homework. Then we start our homework that we have to do. Today were going get back our quiz from the past two weeks. I hope I got a good grade on the quiz.



My Science teacher is Mrs. Phipps. Right now we studying about space. We know that Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon. We studied the moon too. We covered some of the moons from the other planets. We had a test about all that we studied about space. We have a report to do on a astronaut. I am doing Edwin Aldrin the second man to walk on the moon.


Physical Education

My P.E teacher is Mr.Vierra. We run a lap or two. Were playing basketball. We play lots of sports like soccer, football, baseball, chicken ball, and hockey. We play a lot. We have fun. We run a mile every Wednesday. My mile time was ten minutes. I know I can run faster than that but I don't. I like P.E it's kind of fun .


Advanced Computers

My Advanced Computer teacher is Mr. Percival. When we come in we start a program that is called MavisBeacon. This program helps you learn how to type. I can type thirty-five words a minute. We have done a lot of things like draw pictures, and go to the internet. We get to play games when we are done with the things we have to do.

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