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Hello I am Luis Torres

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I live in Porterville. I almost been here all my life. I always go out of town with my family. I like going to stores . there's lots of things you could do. what I do when I'm not doing nothing I go to ride my bike to the park.

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I am on the Olympian team

I think being on the Olympian team is really fun. Because you don't need good grades to go on field trips. I like all my teachers because when were done doing are work they let us eat candy and play on the computer. I have good grades almost in all of the classes. The field trip were going this March is Universal Studios


Language Arts

My teacher of Language Arts is Mrs. Bradley. Almost every day we have ssr. We never miss a day to read. We have a Vocabulary test every Friday. What were doing this week is our narrative the narrative is about something you did or some thing that happened to you.

Social Science

My Social Science teacher is Mr. Sundre. he is really funny when he is teaching us about the civil war. He gives us lots of work out of the book more than every body else. Mr. Sundre makes good hamburgers and hot dogs. Because when we went on a picnic he made good hot dogs and hamburgers.


My math teacher is the one who has all the candy. To sell after school so we could make money to pay for the buses and the field trips we go on. She also gives hard math home work. On Friday she sells candy to us and we could eat it when were taking the quiz.And my math teacher name is Mrs. Herrera.

Reading Lab

My Reading Lab teacher is Mrs. Rebensdorf what we do in there is a lot of reading like in Language Arts. What we do in there is a lot of papers and we have to take a quiz at the end when we are done reading our book.

Physical Education

My Physical Education like most are the belly bumpers , and Base Ball. some times she lets me go early because I help put all the things is and all of the equipment in side then I go her name is Mrs. Quintanilla.

Advanced Computers

My computer teacher is Mr. Percival. every two or three days we do a project on the computer. when were done doing the project we could play on the computer i go to the games because some games are hard to pass.

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