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Hello I am Kristin Jacobsen,

I am 13 years old , and I live in Porterville California. I go to Pioneer Middle School, a.k.a PMS (hehehehe) . My birthday is June 29, 1987. Ok, My nicknames are Kitty, Roots, Krissy, Kris, and Colonga, and a lot more, but I won't get in to any detail about that. My hobbies are, watching T.V., chatting on MSN messenger, Eating, Shopping, Surfing, and lounging. Some of my very good friends are, Taly, Annie, Devi, Roxanne, Chelsea, Casey, and a lot of others. My favorite food is practically anything edible, and my favorite soda is Dr. Pepper. My favorite movie is probably Antitrust, because Ryan Phillippe is a cutie. My favorite TV show is Malcolm in the Middle, because of Justin Berfield!!! Ummm....... I don't know what to write so, I guess I'm stopping here.

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I am on the Seeker Team

My team is really really fun. We do a lot of cool stuff, and have a lot of fun, but we also learn a lot. The Seeker teachers are Mrs. Phipps, Mr. Hogue, Mr. Moraga, and Mrs. Rodriguez. They are all really good teachers, and they are all very nice. On our team, we get academic cards, for good grades and behavior. The gold cards are for people with all A's. The blue cards are for A's and B's. The red cards are for B's and C's and the silver cards are for C's and good behavior, I think. I love my team.


Language Arts

My Language Arts teacher is Mr. Hogue. He is really really nice and fun. We have a lot of fun in his class. He tells us jokes, and sometimes makes fun of us, but in a good way. We silent read every day in the beginning of class. Right now, we are writing picture books and illustrating them. It's fun I guess.... Um..... Mr. Hogue is really really nice!!!



Social Science

My Social Studies (a.k.a Social Science) teacher is Mr. Moraga. He's cool, and nice. We learn a lot in his class, even though half of the time I'm daydreaming (Sorry Mr. Moraga). I do remember some of it though, and that a good thing! We just finished working on the preamble, and such. I learned it and recited it in front of the class. I was nervous, but I got an A. I like his class.



My Math teacher is Mrs. Rodriguez. She is very nice, She is a very good teacher. I learn a lot in her class, eventhough Math is VERY hard for me. I'm not very good at it, and I dont turn in a lot of my work, but I'm going to change that very soon! Sometimes she jokes around with us, and makes fun of kids, (in a good way) and she ays, "Hey, you set yourself up for that one". It's funny!!!




My Science teacher is Mrs. Phipps. I like her a lot. She is a very good teacher. She is also the Team Leader. I love her room too, it always smells good, and it is decorated really cool. She likes dophins and the ocean, so it looks really neat. We are in the process of studing the planets, and their moon, and wer're moving on to the sun very soon. I think it will be very fun!



Physical Education

My P.E teacher is Mr. Vierra, he's cool. We do a lot of fun stuff, sometimes. We normally walk two laps, and then play basketball or something. We used to run the mile every Wednesday, but we haven't done that in a while (Thank goodness!!!) I think it's too cold or something. I don't know, but I'm really glad that we don't have to do it!!!



Advanced Computers

My teacher is Mr. Percival. He is really nice. I like this class. Eventhough, I talk way too much in this class. I can't help it. I get shushed every once and a while by Mr. Percival. I sit next to Taly, and behind me is Annie, Devi, and Roxanne. That's who I talk to most of the time. In the morning we do Mavis Beacon (a typing program) for about 15 min, and then he gives us something to do. Sometimes we get to play games the whole day! It's fun!!!

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