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Hello I am Jacob Garcia

I just got back from Tennessee, but I like it better out here in Porterville CA. I've lived in Porterville all my life (14 years).My favorite things to do are: I like to play football, video games, play with my little brothers and, play on my computer. I have 2 dogs one is a Chinese pug the other is a chow basset hound mix. I have 3 brothers I am the second oldest my older brother is 15 my other brothers are 7 and 4.

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I am on the Seeker team

The Seekers I think are the best team at Pioneer. My big brother was on the Seekers. Seekers are cool I like all the teachers on the Seeker team. The Seeker teachers do a good job teaching.The Seekers are a small team but an awesome team I wish I could be on the team next year but I'm going to high school. Last year I was on the Pathfinders that team was cool but now I'm on the best team Seekers.


Language arts

For language my teacher is Mr. Hogue that is one of my favorite classes, because the teacher is very funny. All of my friends are in that class with me thats another reason why it is one of my favorite classes. I am also reading this cool book called the "Terrorist", it's about this family and their son got blown up by a bomb. I also like the assignments in that class. Right now we are writing a book and mine is about the Three Big Sharks and the Little Bad Fish.


Social studies

I don't like social studies that much because none of my friends are in this class with me. It is pretty fun though we are making pictures of the first steam boat ( Claremont ) and the first train ( Tom Thumb ).I have already finished the assignment it was easy. I have a good grade in that class a B+ I think. This is not my favorite class. The teacher in this class is nice. One of my favorites.



I'm not to good in math I don't have a good grade in this class I don't like math I have never liked math, and I will never ever like math. i don't have a good grade in math I think a I'm failing. I'm taking a grad. class for it though, This class will bring my grade up so I can graduate to high school. My brother said this class is easy and all my friends say it's easy.



This is my all time favorite class, this is the best. This is my favorite class because we are studding about outer space. my favorite planet is Saturn because it has the coolest looking moon named Titan this moon has an atmosphere. Scientists think someday we might be able to live on this moon because it has all the same gasses in its atmosphere.

Physical Education

This is a fun class because my best friend is in the class with me I have a good grade in this class like an A or B. This is the funest class because all we do is play. Me and my friends always talk when we walk the lap to start out the period. then we go back to the class an he tells us what to play. So we go outside and play a game.

Advanced Computers

This is the the class is my first period class. It's fun but i am to tired to really enjoy the class but I try to. Sometimes i am not really all that tired the class is really fun. But other times it is really boring. My favorite thing to do in this class is playing games. Like this racing game where you race trucks out in the desert. We do lots of projects in this class it's kind of hard.

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