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Hello I am Jorge Martinez,

I go to Pioneer Middle School. I like to skate because it is fun. The best tricks I've ever landed are a double kick flip and 5-0 grind on the curb to manual. Other tricks I can do are a 180, ollie, and powerslide. One time I was grinding the curb by my house and my truck (skateboard axle) fell off because I broke my kingpin. The kingpin is the part of the skateboard that holds the truck (axle) together. It is just a big screw, but that screw holds everything together. I was nose grinding the curb when it broke. I couldn't believe it broke because I had barely had my trucks or (axles) for my skateboard for 5 months. I like to listen to any kind of music that is good except for country music. I hate country. Country sounds horrible.

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I am on the Olympian Team.

I like the Olympian Team because all my friends are on this team. We also have cool teachers on our team. We are going to go to Universal Studios on March 20 of this year for a field trip. I hope it is fun. We are also going to go to Magic Mountain at the end of this year. That's if we graduate of course. We have homework everyday in this team. Even on weekends for algebra. My favorite class is social studies because sometimes history can be interesting.


Language Arts

In Language Arts we are reading a book called "Nothing but the Truth". It is about this kid who keeps lying to his parents about many things. It is a OK book at the time. I hope it gets better. We have these easy spelling tests in class. I always get A's on them. We read a book called "The Outsiders". I thought it was a great book. I like my Language Arts class because we learn about many interesting things.


Social Science

Social Science is my favorite class. The teacher is VERY cool. His name is Mr. Sundre and he is a fun teacher because when he teaches he gives his opinion about what we are talking about. He is a funny guy. The work we do in social studies isn't much, but when we have projects we have to work a lot on them. We have spelling tests every week. We have learned about many things this year like the Boston Massacre and Louis and Clark.



For math I have algebra. Algebra is a hard class sometimes because we learn about things that can confuse us at times. It is a alright class though. We have homework everyday in this class. I hate having homework on the weekends though because I want to do something fun, but I have to finish the dumb homework first. Mrs. Herrera is our teacher. If you don't do your homework or if you have a bad grade you get a lecture. You don't want to get lectured by Mrs. Herrera. This class is also cool because you get to have partners. Right now my partners are Chuah Cha, Eric Romero, and Ray Robinson.



Science is a alright class. I had a B in here and it dropped down to a C! Well I guess that was my fault though. Right now we are learning about astronomy, the study of the stars. It is pretty cool because we watched this movie about the Apollo missions and before that. It was very interesting just that my whole neck and back hurt when we were done watching it everyday because I had the worst seat in the class. Well it is just a bad seat when you watch movies because the television is right in back of me so I have to turn my neck all the way around.


Physical Education

P.E. is one of my favorite classes because we play fun games sometimes. My favorite games are flag football, paddle ball, hockey, and volleyball. We run the mile in P.E.. I hate running the mile because I don't like beating my old time. I also don't like running it when it is hot because you get real sweaty while running. There are some pretty cool people in my class. It is cool to hang out with them. My teacher Mr. Phillips is cool because he sometimes let's us do stuff we want to do. He is also straight up with people.


Advanced Computers

Advanced computers is a very cool class. We get to play games when we finish doing a project. It is cool playing games. We have this racing game that everyone plays because you can play against the whole class if you want. The projects in here are cool because they are fun to do. Right now we are making this web page. Our teacher Mr. Percival is cool. If we need help on something he shows us how to do it. Advanced computers is also one of my favorite classes.

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