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Hello I am Johnathan Manriquez

As you know I am Johnathan. One of my favorite hobbies is Break Dancing. One of my other hobbies is Raving. I enjoy dancing priety much. I also enjoy lifting weights and running. I also enjoy being at the beach.

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I am on the Olympian Team

I think my team is the best team in the whole school. I have a lot of friends in this school. I think my school is Al right, but the biggest thing I have against this school is we don't have many dances. The Olympian team hasn't gone on any real field trips yet, but we are going to Universal Studios & Six Flags Magic Mountain. The teacher's on my team are really cool. I don't think they all approve of me.


Language Arts

In Language Arts I have a lot of fun. My teacher is Mrs. Bradley. She is really cool. She told us if we find a spelling word in a book we are reading we get some Jelly Belies. Those are really good. They come in many different flavors. My Language Arts class is an Advanced class. In this class we have spelling test's. I don't do good on those tests. I have a C in this class.


Social Science

Social Science is pretty cool. The teacher for this class Mr. Sundre. He is really cool. He is always smiling or laughing. Sometimes he get's really grouchy, but that doesn't happen really often. I think I would have to say He is the coolest teacher in the whole school. This class is also an advanced class. My grade in this class is a B+ in this class.



Math is Al right. I don't have the best grade in this class, but I do have a B. In this class I have a lot of fun. Right now we are doing Algebra. I don't like the work we do in this class, most of it is hard. The teacher is Mrs. Herrera. I think this teacher is nice at times, but sometimes she can get pretty mean only if you really tick her off though.



In science I get in trouble a lot. The teacher Ms. Hembre say's the reason I'm always in trouble is because I never shut-up. In science I keep a pretty good grade. My grade believe it or not is an A. In science I sit right next to my friend Eddie. I like sitting by Eddie, because he is really funny. He also gets in trouble a lot for talking. I think science isn't that bad, but it is kind of lame.


Physical Education

P.E. This is one of my favorite class's. In this class I have a lot of friends. My friends and I usually kick-it with the girls. My friend Jorge is in my class. He is pretty funny. W hen he kick's-it with Niel he get's really funny. In this class I have an A. I think the teacher is really cool. In this class we have to run the mile. I ran the mile in five minutes thirty six seconds, I think that is a pretty good time.


Advanced Computers

I think this class is also one of my favorite class's. In this class I have a great time. I have my friend Jorge and Eddie and Chua, and Pang, and Mike, and allot of other people. This class is so fun. He makes us do a lot of work, but when we are done we get to play games. I think I have an A in this class also. This class is my elective. If I had to change my elective I would change to weight training.

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