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Hello my name is Frankie.

How are you today? I'm fine. I'm a athletic person, I play basketball and football. I like going to this school because It's a cool school and it has alot of cool teachers. This school is also very big for a middle school. I have alot of friends at this school, my friends are the coolest because they are funny. This school is really good at basketball I dont think we have lost a game yet. I am on the Trail Blazer team it's a cool team. All the teachers on my team are cool. First period I have Advanced computers second I have language Arts, third I have science fourth I have math fith I have P.E. and sixth I have Social stuides.

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I am on the Trail Blazers team

Language Arts

My Language Arts class is the coolest class all you have to do is write in your journal and read and take some tests and sometimes you have to write a essay but it's cool in that class. The last five minutes of class he lets you kick back Mr. Otto is cool. and the best part about it is that he never gives us home work. I think I have a C+ or a B- in his class because I talk a lot. But I like that class.


Math is another cool class, the only thing bad about math is that you get home work every day except on Fridays so that's cool. He gives us movie points based on how well are test grades are but the only bad thing about that is I am in fourth period and fourth period is always in the negative numbers so chances are we won't be watching a movie in math. But it's a fun class. Another thing that could be bad or good about that class is that it's right before lunch and he could let us go late or early but math is cool.

Social Studies

Social Studies is a cool class to. I like this class because it's the last class I have. It's also one of the funniest classes I have. It's fun because he makes you do work but when your done with your work you can just kick back. Sometimes we have to read out of are history book. Social Studies is my favorite subject that's why I like history so much. Then when that class is over I get to go home.

Physical education

P.E. is the best class I like playing football and basketball I love playing sports. It's cool but we had like three different P.E. teachers this year, first it was Mr. Lee then it was Mr. Snow I think he quit or something and now it's Mr. Winter so that's cool. But sports is cool right now we are playing football I don't know what the teams are going to be, because we are just going to start playing today. I can't weight until fifth period.


My science class is cool, because I like Science and I like learning about space and the planets it's cool to learn about that. But science is cool, because every Friday we get free time I just kick back and talk to my friends. Every day we have this thing that we do it's called take 5, all that it is, is that we have 5 minutes to answer a question it's cool. I also like this class because I just do.

Advanced Computers

Computers is cool because,you get to play all kinds of games. The games are cool, and the kids in this class are cool to. I also like computers because of all the cool things we do in this class like we can do are own background. And all kinds of stuff like the work we do in here is cool. I like this class.

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