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Hello I am Eric Gillespie

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I live in Porterville, I have lived hear for a long time. I am 13 years old. I have had a paper route for a year now. I like to ride my skateboard I can do tricks. And on my bike I can only jump off the a little ramp. With my skateboard I can do all kinds of tricks. I can flip my skateboard up in the air and land it. I can go up in the air and grind the rails.

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I am on the Seeker Team

I think the Seeker team is the best team. They got the best teachers. The Science teacher Mrs. Phipps is the team leader. Mr. Moraga teaches social science. Mr. Houge is the language arts teacher. Mrs. Rodriguez is the math teacher. On the Seeker team if you don't have a card you can't go on any of the field trips. A card is if you have good grades or if you try really hard you get a card. There are four different cards you can get.


Language Arts

Mr. Houge is the Language Arts teacher. When we first go in we have to silent read. Right now we are making a short story. My story is called The Worst Weekend. We have to draw a picture for each event. Mr. Houge tells jokes during class. Sometimes they can be funny or sometimes they aren't funny.


Social Science

Mr. Moraga is my Social Science teacher. We usually always have to read in our text book. We are reading about the early Americans. We are having are first spelling test in his class. The words are from are text books. I think Social Studies is a really easy class to pass. I think Social Science is an easy class



Mrs. Rodriguez is my math teacher. When we first get to class we have to do add. Then we check are homework. then she passes out are homework for the day. We usually have a Quiz and turn in our work from the week on Friday. Usually in math we finish are homework in class. So we don't have any homework for that night.



Mrs. Phipps is my Science teacher. We are learning about space right now. We are learning about the moon. We learned mostly all of the planets moons. We took a quiz on the moons craters. Right now we are learning about astronauts that went to space. We have to talk about an astoughnaught on Thursday.


Physical Education

Mr. Lee is my P.E. teacher. We usually have to walk two laps a day. Then we usually play basketball. We once played bumper relays, scooter races, and flag football. I have P.E. 2nd period. In 2nd period P.E. there is mostly all 7th grader.


Advanced Computers

Mr. Percival is my computer teacher. When I first come in I turn on my computer. Then I go to Mavis Beacon. On Mavis Beacon we improve are typing speed and are progress. We have drawed pictures, made a desktop background. We get to play games if we are done with our work.

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