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Hello I am Eddie Yang,

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I like to dance a lot. The dance that I dance is C walk, Raving, Hip-Hop, and Break dancing. They are the dance that I like the most. Because I am most athletic at dancing than any other stuff. I also like go to Raves, and Break dancing. For Ravings, they have different type of styles and songs. They have fast beats and some are slow, and normal too. There are four raving styles that I know, they are urban, trance, jungle, nordertrack, and more. They are the only ones that I know about. I have different styles. The only styles I know is jungle, nordertrack, urban, and trance, the one I rave the most. We also made a raving routine while winter break. Actually me and my brother made it though. Me and my brother taught Pheng, Chauh, and Jonathan the routine. We were doing it at the second Renaissance Assembly already.

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I am on the Olympian Team

Our team is going to Universal Studio on March 20, 2001. I don't know the date though. I think that it is going to be very fun. That why we're selling candies outside our rooms. My team is very smart, it has all the smart kids. Our team is nice and funny. We went to a picnic in the first semester. It was very fun over there because my other friend is still here and now he moved to Fresno. We miss him very much, he is in our team and his name is Sang. We also done fun activity with the other team in the back of the multi-purpose. Sometimes they wins, sometime we win.

Language Arts

My language teacher is Mrs. Bradley. She let us read for twenty or twenty-five minutes every day. She is nice and also charming. Every week on Friday, we take a spelling test. You have to write the definition and the quotation. In language arts I read "Harry Potter" the first year and it was really cool and is a very exciting book to read. Now I read "Harry Potter" the second year. It was really cool and fun to read, now I'm in the beginning of the book. I like "Harry Potter", they are the book that I'm in too. I like my teacher room, she has Dodger's player in her room. They are my favorite baseball team.

Social Science

My teacher is Mr. Sundre. He is kind of chubby and kind of bald on the top. He likes to play music a lot. We read SSR for twenty minutes then start working again. He is a really funny and kind to student. He talks about Indians, and some other stuff. I forgot what they are but he also talks about his music pretty much too. His room is cover with old peoples and with flags. We just barely done with Clark and Luis. They are travelers that help United States.


My math teacher is Mrs. Herrera. She is our team leader. She is nice and is also responsible for the candy bars of the Universal Studios. She is really a cool team leader. She taught us how to do a lot of stuff about math problems. She also teaches us hard problems from the SAT 9. She really help us very much. In math we are learning how to do the two step equations. It is really hard and sometimes its easy. I like that class but except that it is a little bit to hard for me.


My Science teacher is Mrs. Hembree. She is nice and responsible for the chemistry lab stuff. If she lost anything she'll get to pay for it. Now we are learning about astronomy, and stars. Now she is telling us about astronauts going to space and the first man to walk on the moon. And how we are against Russia. She is talking about the first man to walk on the moon, he is Neil Armstrong. He said, "One small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind". He died in 1969. We miss him very much.

Physical Education

My P.E. teacher is Mr. Lee. He is funning and let us pick teams for any games. He let us have free time to play anything we want. Now we play basketball. We play against other people and we beat them forty to twenty. We really rock this basketball courts. We are not that good at playing basketball but we could run for ever. We take two laps every day on P.E. We used to play flag football with other P.E. teacher team but not this week. We also has Tai Bo for P.E. too, but I don't like it at all. It boring for me and my friends.

Advanced Computers

My advanced computer teacher is Mr. Percival. He nice he let us have free time on the computer when we are done with our work on the computer. He taught us a lot of computers stuff this semester and last semester. Now I join advanced computer again because it is really fun. I love this class. You get to make your own site on the internet. And get to get on it at the end of the year when your done with everything.

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