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Hello I am Devi Whitworth,

I am 13 years old. I go to Pioneer Middle School. I am in eighth grade on the Seeker Team. My birthday is June 21, 1987. I live in Porterville, CA. My favorite things to do are play on the computer and talk to my friends on MSN. My favorite movie is The Wedding Singer. My favorite type of music is Alternative. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is Pizza, and my favorite drink is Dr. Pepper. My favorite place is in front of the TV. I think now you know enough about me, so tell me about yourself if you can.

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I am on the Seeker Team,

The Seeker Team is very fun. Two of my very good friends Kristin and Bridgette are on my team. We are going to Universal Studios in March, and Six Flags at the end of the year. Every couple of months we get cards for our grades. If you have all A's in your four main classes then you get a Gold Card. If you have A's and B's you get a Blue Card, and B's And C's get Red Cards. The Seeker Team is a very fun team to be on.


Language Arts

I have Language Arts 4th period. Mr. Hogue is my teacher. When we get into class, we do silent reading for about 15 minutes. We always have fun projects to do. We have been working on some picture books for a couple of weeks. We get to write a story, then draw pictures to go along with it. We have a lot of fun in that class. My friends Kristin and Bridgette are in that class with me.


Social Science

Mr. Moraga is our Social Science teacher. He is very nice. My friend Bridgette sits next to me. We have a lot of fun in that class. We usually read out of the book, but sometimes we have papers to work on. I have this class 6th period, I think that is a really good time to have it. This class is one of my favorites.



I have math 5th period. Mrs. Rodriguez is our teacher. The math is pretty easy, but it's still fun. This class is right after lunch, and you can relax and work at the same time. Mrs. Rodriguez is a very good teacher. She has helped us a lot. She's nice, and she can be funny at times. She makes math really fun.



Science is a very fun class. I have it 2nd period. Mrs. Phipps is a very fun teacher. We always do fun experiments and activities. Last month we made toothpick bridges. It was really fun. Mrs. Phipps is really funny, and she is a very good teacher. I really enjoy her class.


Physical Education

Mrs. Quintanilla is my teacher. She is a cool teacher. She is really nice and she likes to talk to her students. She makes P.E. fun. I had her last year also, with my friends Kristin and Taly. This year none of my friends have 3rd period P.E.


Advanced Computers

This is my favorite class of the day! I get to sit by my friends Roxanne, Annie, Kristin and Taly. They really make this class fun. Mr. Percival gives us fun things to do. When we first come to class, we do about 15 minutes of Mavis Beacon. After that we do projects, like clusters, or webpages.
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