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Hello I am Diana Medrano

Hi I am Diana Medrano, I love to eat Pizza. I also like to see many Show's . My family always says that I don't even have time for me. Well I never care if my family will like me more or less if I don't have many time for them. I am not a tall girl but I am not that small. I enjoy been in school. I am in 8th grade maybe next year in High School. I wish to go to Porterville High School. So know you know a little bit about me.

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I am in Trailblazers Team

I am in a Team named Trailblazers for me that team is the best. I really enjoy been in Trailblazers Team. We have only when to one fill-trip. In Trailblazers we gite to do many homework. Well I still enjoy been in Trailblazers Team. It is really interesting to be moving to one Team to another. I don't have no Mrs. Teachers I only have Mr. Teachers, what I mean is that I only have Man's Teachers.

Advance Computers

Advance Computer is my 1st period of all. I really enjoy been in Advance Computers because we get to do many things. It is really interesting to know how you could use the Computers. My teacher in Advance Computer is Mr. Percival, he is a really good teacher. I really enjoy been in his class. If I could I will stay in Advance Computers all of the next years. I really enjoy been in Advance Computers.

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Social Studies

I have Social Studies for 2nd period. My teacher in Social Studies is Mr. Herrera. He is nice with everyone in his class. I really enjoy having a teacher as him. Sometimes we have homework. I like reading when he ask ho want's to read. We really read allot in that class. I am in the 5 row 5 sit. I will never like to change my class or my teacher. Sometimes the class gets really intrusting. It is awesome to have a teacher as him.

Language Arts

Language Arts is my 3rd period class. My teacher in Language Arts is Mr. Otto. Mr. Otto is a really nice teacher. In Language Arts we get to write in are Journal's and we also get to read. It is really interesting to be writing everything that had happen to us in a journal. Sometimes I write some of my secrets. When we read we really get interesting in that story because the story is really interesting.


I have Math for 4th period class. Are teacher in Math is Mr. Steigleader, he is really nice with all of his students. For me Math is one of my favorite class. I really enjoy having one teacher as Mr. Steigleader as my teacher in Math. It is really intrustin learning how to do many operations with Math. Mr. Steglider is one of my best teachers in this school. I will never change that class.


Choir is my 5th period, my teacher in Choir is Mrs. Brookey. She is a really got teacher because she really show us how to sing. I don't have P.E but instead of P.E I have Choir. It is really interesting to be knowing how to sing. My teacher in Choir really knows how to treat a kid like us. At first I took that Choir was gonna be boring but know I love Choir. I will never quit Choir, because I love it.

Reading Lab

I have Reading Lab instead of having Science. My teacher in Reading Lab is Mrs. Eoff she is really nice. She is also my friend because she is very entrusted in what happen to us. I really like been in Reading Lab because the only thing that you have to do is read, and I love to read. Mrs. Eoff is a very nice teacher for everyone. I love having Reading Lab for 6th period the last period.