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Hello I am David Huddleston

I'm 13 years old. I was born in Porterville Ca, . There are many things I like to do. My favorite sport is playing paintball. I also enjoy playing on my computer and playing tackle football with my friends. I also like going on roller coasters. My favorite food is steak. My favorite drink is kool-aid.

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I am on the Trailblazer team

The Trailblazer team has some of the nicest teachers in the school. My favorite of all my four teachers is my math teacher Mr. Steigleader. Also on the trailblazer There is Ms. Stepanek , Mr.Otto and Mr. Herrera.

Language Arts

My Language Arts teacher is Mr.Otto. He is a pretty nice teacher but his class is sort of boring. All we do in that class is write in are journals then we read. Its not that bad though cause I like reading so I get to read a lot. Every once and a while we get to watch some movies like E.T. and Jurassic park.

Social Science

Social studies is a sort of hard class cause we do a lot of work. One of the main thing we do is words out of the glossary in the back of the book. We also do a lot of clusters and paragraphs. We do a lot of projects in that class like the advanced class just made some flags and the normal kids made poster boards.


Algebra is my favorite class cause of Mr. Stiegleader. He is my favorite teacher. The reason he is is because he makes learning fun. He also lets us work in groups. Some times he lets us choose are groups, but most of the time he chooses. Also we do a lot of tests with are groups. Today we have a group test . Tomorrow we will have a single test.

Physical Education

My p.e. teacher is Ms. quintanilla. That class is not as fun as last year cause last year we played a lot of made up games that are a lot more fun. This year we play a lot more basketball and football instead of dodge ball and capture the flag . Right now we are playing soccer. My favorite sport is hockey.

Advanced Computers

My advanced computer teacher is Mr. Percival. He is a pretty cool teacher. He is my favorite teacher besides Mr. Stiegleader. In that class we edit a lot of movies. Some times he lets us play games. My favorite game is 4x4 evolution.

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