Chris Mandrelle


Hello I am Chris Mandrelle

I'm 13 years old. I was born in Porterville CA,. The thing I like to do is skateboard.My favorite food is shrimp.My favorite drink is Pepsi.A another thing I like to do is play basketball.

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I am on the SEEKERS team

I think the seekers is one of the best 8TH grade team.We have some of the coolest teachers.We do a lot of cool things. My favorite teacher is Mr.Moroga.Are classes are fun .

Language arts

The language arts teacher is Mr.Hogue.Mr.Hogue is a fun teacher. He makes his class fun to go to.We do a lot of fun stuff in his class.We are doing a picture book right now.Mr.Hogue is a cool teacher.

Social studies

The social studies teacher is Mr.Moraga.Mr.Moraga has the best class, well I think so.We do a lot of fun history.We are doing the war of 1812 right now.His work is fun.


Are science teacher is Miss.Pipps.Miss.Phipps has a fun science class. We are going to do bottle rockets. We did tooth pick bridges. We are doing the moon right now.


Mrs.Rodriguez is are math teacher. She makes math fun to learn. She gives use a lot of math home work. She supposed to I guess. She is really nice to us.

Physical education

My P.E. teacher is Mr.Lee. Mr.Lee is the coolest P.E. teacher I have had. He is funny. We do cool things. He plays basketball with us some times.

Advanced computers

The advanced computer teacher is Mr.percival. Mr. Percival is a nice teacher. We do a lot of fun stuff with the computer. We do fun pictures some times. He lets us play games some times.

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