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Hellow I am Carl Metheney.

I'm 14 I like to play after school sports . I've lived in Porterville my whole life. my birthday is on December,22 .1986 . I am a big school boy I never talk back because there just to nice to be mean to.

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I am on the seeker team

All of my teachers love me because I'm just so easy to love. I think the seeker team is the best team at pioneer . All of the teachers are nice and very active in coaching sports and they are also in many Renaissance events.

Language arts

Language arts is my favorite class because Mr, Hague is not all work he is always telling

jokes and telling stores so were not working constently like most teacher.



Social studies

Social Studys is the easiest and loudest class out of all my core classes. Mr. Moraga is the

nicest teacher on the seeker team . He doesn't give us to much work.



My. Phipps is cool because she is always showing movies that are fun but educational.

she never gives enough homework to fall behind on your work.



Ms. Rodriguez gives the most work but I guess she should because she the math teacher.

But she is cool because she makes math fun to learn.


Physical education

Mr. Very is fun he chooses cool games to play.The only problem is he never stops making fun of

my hair. but he lets us pick are teams for sports.


Advanced computers

 Mr. Percival is cool because he always has new fun stuff every day . He also lets us play games

When were done with all of all work. my favorite game is 4X4 Evolution

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