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Hello I am Chris Doggett

I am in 8TH grade. I like to play baseball. I played it for 7 years. When I grow up I hope to go to Harvard Law. So I could be a Civil Rights lawyer. I hope that I either get a scholar ship or I get a big loan. But for right now my favorite class is lunch. I spend most of my time at home on the computer because I don't live by any kids my age. Most of them are in high school.

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I am on the Seekers

I'm on theSeekers team. They are the best 8th grade team. They go on a lot of field tripes. We will be going to Universal Studios in March. At the end of the year all the eighth graders get to go to Magic Mountain. We do a lot of fun things we built bridges out of toothpick. Some of them held 300 pounds. Mine didn't hold very much.


Adv. Computers

The teacher for computers is Mr. Percival. Advanced computers is fun. We get to go on the internet and I get to check my e-mail. We did back ground and right now we are working on web pages. This is my first period class. I like it when we get to play games. We do a lot of fun things like get to make are own things for it like desktop and stuff.

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The teacher is Mrs. Phipps. Science is my best class. We did bridges in this class. They were hard but they taught us a lot of things. We are learning about space right now and it is fun. At the beginning of the year we made atom models that was probly the easiest project we did. We watched October Sky and I liked it a lot. It was sad and then funny.


My math teacher is Mrs. Rodriguez. Math isn't my best subject but it is fun sometimes. She always gives us extra credit because most of us have very low grades. She doesn't give us very much homework but it's enough. She shows us a lot of ways to do things if were having problems with one problems with it she'll show us another way to do it. She is really nice. Her mom is nice too.

Adv. Language Arts

Mr. Hogue is my language arts teacher. This class is the best. The teacher is funny and he always makes us laugh. Besides silent reading this class is fun. Right now we are working on a book. Mine is called The Three Pretty Cheerleaders. It is real creative. The classroom is small though. My story is funny because I let some of my friends read it and they said it was funny.

Sports Variety

The teacher in this class is Mr. Lee. This class is fun we play all the sports we can. Right now we are playing horse shoes. I wasn't good but now I'm getting better. We play basketball and soccer all those fun games. I think this week we are going to do tae-bo. That is really fun. I like it when he says double time because we start doing it and then most of us usually give up.

Social Studies

My Social Studies teacher is Mr. Moraga. Social Studies is fun he always shoes us these Pat Hurley movies. We always read though that is the only down of that class. We do crossword puzzles, games and we did a state report and my states was Hawaii. That was the state that I wanted. This is a fun class when we are good.


For Pe my teacher is Mr. Phillips. He is funny. Pe is fun I have it early. It is at 7:30. I'm always there at 7:00 though. It is fun because we always play inside. Indoor soccer is fun. We play basketball at least once a week. I like it when we play dodge ball. I always get out though. In the winter it is cold