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Hello I am Chuah Cha


Hi, how are you today? I'm fine. I am an athletic person. I like to play basketball and football. I enjoy playing sports because I like sports. I like to go to this school because it is really fun and cool. Pioneer Middle School is a cool school with a lot of cool teachers. This school is also really big. This school is also cool because I have a lot of friends here and they are cool and funny. My friends are the coolest because they are just cool.

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I am on the Olympian team

This school has six teams. The seventh grade teams are the Explorers, the Pathfinders, and the Challengers. The eighth grade teams are the Olympians, the Trailblazers, and the Seekers. My Science teacher is Miss Hembree. She is cool and nice. My Social Science teacher is Mr. Sundre. He is cool and nice but when he gets mad he gets really mad. My Math teacher is Mrs. Herrera. She is nice but she gives us a lot of homework. Last but not least we have Mrs. Bradley for our Language Arts teacher. She is also cool.


The Olympian team has Miss Hembree for a Science teacher. She is a nice teacher that doesn't give us any homework. Only sometimes. She teaches us Chemistry and Astronomy. We are done with chemistry but now we are starting Astronomy. She teaches us stuff about the moon and about all the other planets. She taught us that the first man who landed on the moon is Neil Armstrong. That is what we do for Science.

Social Science

On the Olympian team we have Mr. Sundre for a Social Science teacher. He teaches us about the history and many more things. He is really nice but when he gets mad you don't want to be around him. He had already taught us a lot of stuffs. Mr. Sundre is really funny and makes fun of a lot of stuffs. The stuffs he makes fun is like the election 2000. He has a lot of stuffs about that I know. Mr. Sundre is really cool and nice.


Our Math teacher is Mrs. Herrera. She is nice but then she gives us a lot of homework. Right now we are learning about graphing and many more stuffs you don't want to know. When she gives a test she makes it really hard and not even close by being easy. She's also our team leader. She's a great team leader. I also like that class because I get to sit by my friends. My friends are Jorge and many more because I can't spell their names. So math is really cool.

Language Arts

Our Language Arts teacher is Mrs. Bradley. She is cool because she doesn't give us homework. The only thing I don't like her class is that she gives us a spelling test every week and also because she makes us read everyday. I don't get good grades from her test because I hardly study. The spelling test are hard. She also gave us something hard to do and that was for us to do a Narrative. I don't like to do the narratives because it is really hard to think of a narrative with 5 to 600 words. Mrs. Bradley is fun and sometimes not fun.

Physical Education

My P.E. teacher is Miss. Quintanilla. She is not a fun P.E. teacher because she makes you run a lot and she also makes you do a lot of exercise. We play Basketball, Football, and Soccer. It is sometimes fun and sometimes boring. It's only fun when she lets us have free time. That is when we get to play any sport. She always makes us do a lot of laps. I don't know why. My P.E. class is not really exciting.

Advance Computers

My advanced class is really fun because we have a cool teacher. That teacher is Mr. Percival. He is really fun and cool computer teacher because he lets us get on the internet. He also helps us do our work and correct our stuff too. This class is really fun and cool to be in because I have a lot of cool friends in here. They are all cool and funny. My computer class is really fun and cool to be in.

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