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Hello I am Angel Cortes


My favorite sport to play is basketball. I like to play games on my computer at home. I have three dogs a Chihuahua, German shepherd, and a weiner dog. Every day I play with them. I like making things out of popsicle sticks then braking them. I like listening to Eminem's music. I like staying at home all the time.

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I am on the seekers team

Being on this team is fun. The whole team is going to Universal Studios. I think that is the best trip they are going to. The teachers are nice. Mr. Hogue is the only teacher that I think gives us too much work. All the other classes are easy , and fun. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Rodriguez.



Math is an easy class, but the tests are hard to pass. In the beginning they were easy,but they got much harder. Mrs. Rodriguez is a nice teacher. She helps you all the time. You can even go in during lunch time so she can help you. She gives out a lot of home work,but its easy. You could do the work in ten minutes.


Mrs.Phipps is a nice teacher. Her work is easy,but its sometimes boring. Her class is fun, because we get to do experiments. When we do them we have partners, and write down information on them. Right now we are doing reports on astronauts. We have present them to the class. This assignment is going to be worth a lot of points. After that we are going to work on the planets.


Our language arts class is very tough. We always read in the beginning of class. Right now we are working on a project. We have to write a story, then draw pictures with the story. We get points every day for what we have done. After we are done with that we will type our story. We could do it at school or at home.

Social Studies

My social studies class is the easiest one. All we do is read. Sometimes we have big assignments, but we could do them with a partner. There's only been one that we couldn't have a partner it was easy though. We also have quizzes, some are hard. We have projects that we have to color. Mr. Moraga is a nice teacher he always help you if you need help.

Advanced Computers

This class is fun we get to do many things. Every morning we practice typing. Then we do whatever it is we are doing. I like this class.Its very easy.All we do type all period. We play games after we are done working. We can also go on the internet.

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This class is boring. I used to have this class during first period, but they moved me. I don't know anybody in that class. Nobody even plays. Most of the times we just walk all period. My teacher is very nice. He is Mr. Phillips. We rarely play any fun games.pizzastackagc.stk