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Hello I am Annie Cha,

I am 13 years old. My birthday is August 4th, 1987. I live in Porterville, California and attend Pioneer Middle School. I love to listen to music and go online. I usually go on MSN Messenger to talk to my friends. Most of my time at home is spent on the computer or in my room listening to music, or doing my homework. I love all kinds of music. I listen to everything. Î just love music!! My favorite color is yellow and I love yellow gummy bears. I also like eating a bunch of junk food, and drinking Dr. Pepper!! I love singing and dancing. Being in the school drama club is really fun, because it's what I love doing the best(even though I'm not really good at it).

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I am on the Trailblazer Team,

It is a really cool team. The teachers are really nice. We had a team picnic at the beginning of the year. In March, we are going to Universal Studios. I've never been to universal studios, so I'm really excited about this trip. I have all advanced classes, and I'm also in algebra. I think the Trailblazer team is the best.

Language Arts

Mr. Otto is my language arts teacher. We start off class by writing in our journals. My friend Kyle and I take turns being the journal person. We help pass out and collect the journals. We just finished learning about using transitions. We now use them in all of our writing assignments.


Social Science

My Social Studies teacher is Mr. Herrerra. We are learning about American History. Right now we are getting to the civil war. We usually do vocabulary words and questions from the book. We read a section of a chapter every day. We have quizzes for every chapter. We've just finished making a scrapbook about Election 2000. I don't think mine was really good, but I don't know what I got on it yet.



My Algebra teacher is Mr. Steigleder. He is a really cool teacher! He makes math really fun. His overhead projector is named George. Every day in class, we just work on our homework for that night, and if we don't finish, then we work on it for homework. We work in groups, and it really helps a lot, because you have friends in your group that can help you with things you don't know. For every chapter in our books, we take a group test and an individual test.



Ms. Stepanek is my science teacher. We start class by doing a Take 5. A Take 5 is a warm-up we do every morning and we have 5 minutes to finish it. They're really easy. After our take 5, we start on our class work. Sometimes we'll have labs to do. Labs our little experiments we do in class. They're really fun!

Physical Education

My P.E. teacher is Mr. Phillips. He is a really cool teacher. We play a lot of fun sports. My favorite sport is basketball. I also like playing football, hockey, and softball. We always start class off by walking one or two laps. Then we play.


Advanced Computers

Mr. Percival is my Advanced Computers teacher. Every day we start class off by playing Mavis Beacon. It is a typing program that helps us with our typing. After Mavis Beacon, we do assignments. The thing I liked doing the best was making our 3D pictures. Mine didn't look really good, but it was fun making it. If we don't have any assignments to do, then we just play games. One game we always play is 4x4 evolution. It's a racing game that we can play with everyone else. We have to go online to play with anyone in the class. It is really fun.

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