Yessica Mercado's Webpage


Hello I am Yessica,

I'm 13 years old, turning 14 on May 4. I like to listen to rap music, especially 2 pac. I like to listen to all kinds of music like alternative. My favorite alternative groups are P.O.D., Blink 182, Alien Ant Farm, Sum 41, No Doubt, Weezer, etc. My favorite rappers are Lil' Rob, 2Pac, DMX, Nastyboy Klick, Proud By Choice, Master P, Lil' Bow Wow, and Lil' Romeo. One of my favorite songs is "I wanna be your man" by Zap and Roger. Its kind of old but it a good song. Well any ways I know you don't wanna hear about music anymore so I'm going to tell you a little bit about my self. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. My brothers name is Victor, they call him skreech at school because he's white and he looks like skreech. He goes to Granite Hills High School, in the 11 grade. My sisters name is Brianna, she barely turned 1 on the 30 of September. I speak English and Spanish. Now I'm gonna describe myself. I'm a really kick bac person, really rad person to talk to. They say Im "tall and pretty". That's how my friend Micaela described me. Well that all I have to say about myself right now.

Pioneer Middle School

I come to Pioneer Middle School. It is in Porterville, Cali. I have a lot of fun here at Pioneer. All my friends are really cool!!! All the teachers and other staff are really nice. Every Friday we have "Fun Friday" noon activities during lunch. Like we have "boxer races". That's were people race in their boxers. The only thing I don't like about this school is that we have a little bit of dances. The last we had was really boring. We had a really cheap DJ, and he played the song Y.M.C.A. and that is not cool. The Dj was really old too, he was like in his 30's or 40's. That's an old people song. The only good song he played was "unconditional love" by 2pac. Hopefully our next dance wont be as boring, and they better get a good, nice, YOUNG DJ. The thing I like about this school are the Renaissance assemblies. They give out T-shirts to the people who are doing good in school and that have a good attitude. I didn't get one last year but hopefully I will this year. The teachers get to choose who they want to give the shirts to and I think that the teachers didn't like me last year. Our next assembly is like in a week or two. All of our assemblies were so cool last year. I don't know about this year since we have a new principal and all. Well that's all I have to say about Pioneer.

I am on the Trailblazer Team

TRAILBLAZERS ARE THE BOMB!!!!! They are the best team in Pioneer. All the teachers are really nice and we have a lot of fun. We are going to on a "journey" to Hollywood on the 13 of November. We are going to watch the Lion King musical. We are leaving at like around 7 pm and were coming back at like around 1 am. I'm so glad that i'm a Trailblazer. It was the original 8th grade team. Well any ways let me tell you why I wanted to be a TRAILBLAZER. One of the reasons is that all the "popular" 8th graders last year were Trailblazers. They were all cool with me (or at least some of them were). One of my favorite teachers is Mr. Otto. My least favorite teacher is Mrs. Stepanek. I don't like her. Her class is fun, but she just gives me the chills. All the rest of the teachers are really cool. I'm glad I'm a TRAILBLAZER.

Advanced computers

My teacher is Mr. Percival. He is a cool guy. Sometimes he can get really mad but it ain't his fault. It's Martin, Joe, and Jason that make him mad. Well in here all we mostly do is type. Right now were making a Web Page and that's what I'm working on right now. I'm doing this web page in class. When we get in here we start typing. He has this disk its called "Mavis Beacon" and that teaches us how to type fast. I have a lot of friends in this class. Micaela is like one of my best friends. She sits right next to me, Imelda is my friend too and she sits in back of me with my other friends Martin, Joe, and Jason. Then on the other side my friend Ben, Valdo, and Ralph sit there. Its kind of boring in here because they moved Joe and Jason to a corner because they were too loud so I can't talk to them. A couple days ago we made a 3d picture. Mine came out Al right because we only had a week to work on it. That's all I have to say on computers.

Click here to see my 3D picture

Click here to see my Pizza Stack

Click here to see my Web Pic

Physical Education

My teacher is Mr.beegon. I have P.E. the last period of the day and so by then its really hot. He makes us walk 2 laps and he knows that its too hot for us to be walking. Then to make matters worse he makes us play basketball out in the hot sun!!!!!!! The people in my P.E. class are really cool though. I have Martin, Chico, Brandon, Nerina, Jason, Ben, and a lot of other people. They always walk with me and when ever I get ahead of them they always run to catch up to me. Tats one thing I like about P.E. Then one other thing I hate about P.E. is that we have to run the mile. We ran the mile on Thursday and i ran it in 9 minutes. That's the best I've ever done, but i still hate P.E.

Language Arts

Mr. Otto is my favorite teacher!!!!!!!! I like his class because the time goes by fast in there. When we get there they pass out the journals and we have like 15 minutes to write about whatever we want. Then usually we'll go and study a song from the movie "The Lion King". or we'll read a story from the literature book and answer the question's. In that class I have Jacob, Christina, Amanda, and Sahtit. Their really cool once you get to know them. Mr. Otto is the team leader. He organizes all of our "journey's". He organized the trip were taking in November. I have that class 3 period.


Science is Al right. Mrs.Stepanek is our teacher. I don't like that class. Its fun sometimes, only when we do labs. Right now we are doing a lab on how clay boats float. We put the boats in water and see how many grams it can hold. There isn't much I have to say about science because its boring. Right when we get there we have to do "Take 5". That's kind of like a warm up. Their just science questions and we have to answer them. Then after that we usually read and answer questions or do a lab. I have science 3 period. Right now we are leaning about Chemistry

Social Science

This is one of my favorite classes!!!!!!!! Mr.Herrera is like one of my favorite teachers. He's really cool. When ever we get in to trouble he gives us "clean America". We have to clean up the trash that everyone leaves after lunch. I have Social Science 5 period. That's after lunch. I like mr. Herrera. He's like my favorite teacher. He gives us good lectures and good advice. He's a really nice guy to talk to . He has a band called "Junior and the Shades". We make fun of him and tell him that his band can't play. Right now were studying about the American Revolution. WE had a test Thursday on the 13 colonies and about our American Standard #4. Well that's all i have to say about Mr. Herrera


I hate math. I have to take Algebra. My teachers name is Mr.stigleader. He never really explains to us what we need to do. He only show us what problems to work on and tells us to get to work. But the thing I like is that he let's us go out 5 minutes early to lunch. So were there before everyone else. But when we have substitutes they never believe us and they let us out when the bell rings. He gives us homework Monday -Friday. He gives the regular class homework only Monday-Thursday but the regular classes have to take a test EVERY Friday and we have to take one every time we finish a unit. The tests are really hard. We take 2 tests. We have a group test and a individual test. we take the group tests together as group. The individual tests are really hard. Well math is cool but that's all I'm going to write.