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Hello I am Tim Ferozali,

I am 13 years old. My hobbies are to play video games, draw, watch t.v,go on the computer, and listen to music. I go to Pioneer Middle School. I also enjoy reading about cars. Hopefully I will graduate from middle school and move on to High School. Right now I am trying to become a computer engineer and make money from that. I have a brother, sister, mother, and father. I am the youngest one from my brother and sister. If I don't become a computer engineer, then I could always become a radio show host. Who knows.


Pioneer Middle School

In Pioneer Middle School, I am in eighth grade. The campus is bigger than my old elementary school. At lunch they serve Domino's Pizza, Hoagies, and other stuff like chicken baskets and waffle fries. Every Friday, there is some weird activity going on, which never happened in elementary school. There are a lot of kids in the school, probably around 800. Hopefully I will graduate this year.

I am on the Olympian Team

The Olympian team is planning a picnic to Bartlett Park. I went on one last year, but not to Bartlett Park. They are also planning a trip to Phantasia Theater in L.A. The section for the Olympian team is located right next to the exit, that is a good thing because you get to go early. Other people have told me that being on the Olympian team is pretty cool. This year I am going to judge the Olympian team and hopefully get to tell some other seventh grader how it is to be on the Olympian team for all of eighth grade.

Advanced Computers

I was in regular computers last year, and this year I am in Advanced Computers. So far we have done assignments like clusters and three Dee pictures. It's been cool. My teacher is Mr. Percival. We also have to do a typing program called Mavis Beacon. Hopefully in computer class this year I will learn how to do fun stuff. Usually, if I get done with my assignment early, I play games on the computer. One of my favorite games to play on the computer is Sim City 3000. I never really make a good city. Maybe this year I will.

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Physical Education

In P.E. I have played a lot of sports already. At first we played games like racketball and flag football. We also had to play volleyball for a while. My team won some times and lost some times. We also got to play capture the flag which was pretty fun. Mrs. Quintinilla is my teacher. We also have to do laps everyday, either a mile or half of a mile. It's hard and stuff. Hopefully I will get better at running miles.

Language Art

In language arts we have to do a lot of reading. I'm almost done reading a novel, but then I have to read more. Every day in class we write down how many pages we have read because at the end of the year we should have read at least 1000 words. Mrs. Bradley is my language arts teacher. She also makes us do spelling tests every day. We also have to write, a lot. It should be o.k though. Hopefully I will pass this class.


My Science teacher is Mrs. Hembree. In class, we have been learning about density and units of measurement. To learn about about density we have to do labs with partners. We would have to measure different objects and find their volume and other measurements to find the density. Right now we got to learn about the periodic table. It's kind of hard to learn all of the symbols. It should be alright though in Science, hopefully.

Social Science

In Social Science, my teacher is Mr. Sundre. Right now we are learning about colonial times. One of the big assignments is to make a newspaper that has stuff about colonial times. It's worth a lot of points. The floor in the social science room is really slippery so anyone can slide on it. There are three computers in the room so when there's assignments to do, you can use one of the computers. I don't really know yet what other stuff we're going to learn about, hopefully I'll understand it.


In math, my teacher is Mrs. Herrera. I'm not really good at math so I don't know what grade I am going to get at the end of the year. Every single day of this class there is homework. Even on the weekend. It's hard homework too so it takes about almost an hour to do. There are tests every two weeks. One group test and one individual test. The group test is 10% of your grade and the individual test is 50% of your grade. This class is pretty hard, who knows if I will pass it or not.