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Hello I am Sandhya Reddy,

I am going to be 13 years old on November 18th. I live in Porterville, California. I have two sisters soon to be three sisters. My favorite food is ice cream and cake. My hobbies are dancing, collecting coins, and shopping. I go to Pioneer Middle School and am in the 8th grade. I want to become a doctor like my dad. I want to travel the world and see new places.

Pioneer Middle School

I attend Pioneer Middle School. It is a great school. It consists of 7th and 8th grade. This is my last year at Pioneer. My school is really cool. We have 6 teams and 3 of them are 7th grade teams and 3 of them are 8th grade teams. Their names are: Challengers, Explorers, Pathfinders, Trailblazers, Olympians, and Seekers. There are about a total of 800 kids altogether at Pioneer. The mustang is the mascot of Pioneer. Pioneer is a great school and I am glad it is my school.

I am on the Trailblazer Team

At my school I am on the Trailblazer Team. My team is really good. The team leader is Mr. Otto. Our team is getting to go to L.A. to see the Broadway Musical, The Lion King. We are going on November 13th and will have lots of fun. My team teachers are Mrs. Stepanek, Mr. Herrera, Mr. Stigelieter, and Mr. Otto. The Trailblazers have fun and are a great team. Most of my friends are on my team. The Trailblazer Team is a great team.

Advanced Computers

I have Advanced Computers 1st period. I have done a lot of cool stuff in this class. My teacher is Mr. Percival. I have made two clusters and have done a lot of other things. I made a 3D picture of a island scenery and it is really cool. Everyday we do Mavis Baceon to improve our typing skills. We also did a computer report which was fun. It is a very cool and a fun class to have and I have a great time in it. There is a drawing pad that is hooked up to a computer and I got to draw on it. When you are done with an assignment you can play games. Advanced Computers is really fun and I enjoy it.


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Physical Education

I am in zero period P.E. Zero period is a P.E. class that starts at 7:30 and ends when school starts. It is nice because you get to have P.E. earlier and have a second elective. My teacher is Mr. Phillips. He is a nice teacher. So far we have played volleyball, softball, and right now we are playing football. Everyday we run two laps except Friday when we run one lap. In the winter time when it is really cold in the mornings we play inside the cafeteria. I like P.E. because you can play different sports and have fun.

Language Arts

My language arts class is 5th period after lunch. My teacher is Mr. Otto. I am in the advanced class so it is a little harder than the regular class. Language arts is my favorite class because it is my favorite subject. I love to read and write all the time. We are going to read William Shakespeare and write essays. We have a vocabulary test once every two weeks and usually write paragraphs every night or finish up an assignment we had in class. The first thing we do when class starts is write in our journals. Journals are like diaries for the class. We write our thoughts and problems in it. Language arts is really fun and I like it a lot.


Science class for me is 2nd period. I have Mrs. Stepanek as my teacher. She is fun and makes science fun and interesting. We just got brand new books and are going to learn a lot. We have learned about the metric system and density. Now we are learning about matter and mass. This class is a physical science class so we are going to learn about space and chemistry. I do know that we are going to build toothpick bridges later on in the year which I am looking forward to. Right now science is okay and fun. It is interesting and I like it.

Social Science

I have social science 3rd period. My teacher is Mr. Herrera. I have always liked history and thought it was fascinating. Right now we are learning about the American Revolution and how the colonies got their freedom. We are making a poster about fighting the British. In that class we read chapters in the book and do the pages that go with them. We have a spelling test once every two or three weeks. We watch movies about what we are learning and do plays on it too. I have a good time in class. I like social science and think it is a great class.


My math class is 4th period. I have algebra which is the advanced class. It is hard and I am not that good at math. I have Mr. Steigleder as my teacher. He is nice and helps me a lot. In class we are in groups of four and work together everyday. There is homework every night and over the weekend. After we finish a unit in the book we take a group test which is a test that the whole group does together. After the group test we take an individual test which is when we do it on our own. Algebra is okay and is fun.