Sean Colwell's Web Page


Hello I am Sean Colwell,

I am 13 and go to Pioneer Middle School in Porterville, California. I enjoy playing online games like TFC and surfing the internet. I have made other web pages about games I play like Diablo2 and TFC with a free online web page maker called Homestead. Because of the web pages I have made I have learned how to type in HTML and Java Script, by knowing those ways of coding I have made really good pages and I am hosted by another web page called Game Spy. It's a huge company that hosts other people's site for about $25.00 a year. Besides being on the Computer I like football and I love cars. I read street racing magazines like Sport Compact Car, Turbo, and Honda Tuning. I already have a car of my own, my dad bought it for me. It's a 2000 Honda Civic HX. I am planing on making a web page about Civics that will include pics of my car and info about Civics, also I will include easy and cheap ways to trick them out. I'm not sure when I will start this page.

Pioneer Middle School

Like I said before I go to Pioneer Middle School. I'm in the 8th grade. Like most kids I don't like going to school but Pioneer is ok I guess. The school is right across the street from the college. This is my last year here, next year I will go to Monanche High School. My school has lots of activities, for instance every Friday we have the noon activity. It's at lunch, we always do some kind of weird activity like Belly Bumper's, Egg Relay's and Other weird thing that only our wacky consoler Mrs.Hughes could possibly think of, and she does. She always puts on the activities at noon.

I am on the Olympian team

Our school has 6 different teams, 3 for the 7th graders and 3 for the 8th graders. The 3 for the 7th graders are Explores, the Pathfinders, and the Challengers. The 3 for the 8th graders are the Olympians, the Seekers, and the Trailblazer's. I'm on the Olympian Team. Because I'm on the Olympians I have to have respect for my team and say they are the best...but really all the teams are exactly the same. The only thing thing that hard about the team is the Math class I'm in. I'm in Advanced Math or Algebra 1. Besides that my team is ok.

Advanced Computers

Advanced Computers is my first period class. I took Computers as a 7th Grader so this year I can take Advanced Computers. So far though, it doesn't seem that advanced. It's not much harder then last year, we just do stuff a little different. It's a lot funnier then last year though. We do projects like clusters or a 3D image in Bryce. Then when we are done we get to play games. Getting to play the games afterward is the funniest part of all because one of my friends will host a server on one of the online games and we will all join. It's pretty cool. The only problem is because computers is 1st period I'm only like half awake because its still early in the morning.

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Physical Education

For my 5th period class I have Physical Education (or P.E) In P.E. we usually just walk 1 or 2 laps and then play a sport like softball or football. Right now we are playing volleyball. Blaghh! I really don't like that game at all. I'm actually pretty good at it but I think it's pretty boring. Anyway, P.E. isn't that bad and it's really easy to get an A in that class. Which I have, I don't see how anyone could fail a class like P.E.

Language Arts

Language Well, Language is ok I guess. The only thing that I don't don't enjoy doing is journals. We have put 4 entries in our journal every week. It's not that my life is so boring that I cant find enough to say in a journal, because I can. It's just that I don't like to write in it. My Language teacher, Mrs.Bradley, says that when I am older I will want to have a journal from The 8th grade. I guess that would be pretty cool to read when I'm like 30. Mostly though I write in it to get a good grade.


I have Science for 3rd Period. The Olympian Science teacher is Ms.Hembree. She's not bad. Science is way harder this year, last year I had Mr. Kamrath, he didn't have us do much work. Mostly we watched movies and stuff, I flew through the class with an A the whole time. This year in Science though we have a lot of work everyday and Tests more often then last year. Right now we are studying Chemistry which is the study of matter. Most people think of Chemistry as being really hard, but its actually pretty easy.

Social Science  

I have Social Science (or History) for 6th period, some schools have 7 periods but we only have 6. So this is my last period. History is my favorite class because the day is almost over and my teacher, Mr. Sundre, is really cool. He's more down to earth then all the other teachers. We do work in History but not as often as the other classes. I have an A in History like just about everyone else in the class. My history class is one of those one of a kind classes, when you don't know it, but you are learning a lot.


Math is my hardest class, because I'm in the Advances Class. It's actually Algebra 1, the same math you learn in High School as a Freshman. The only good thing is that I'm in their with all my friends from last year. The homework isn't that hard (even though we have it everyday even on Fridays!) its the tests that are hard. You think you understand something until the test for it comes and then you don't know what the heck it is or how to do it. My math teacher is Mrs.Hererra. She's ok but kinda strict, go figure, she is a math teacher. Last year though my math teacher Mrs. Meehan, she wasn't that strict for a math teacher. This year though, I'm going to have to be really good in class and do all of my work.