Robert Nuñez 's web page

Hello I am Robert Nuñez


Hello I am Robert Nuñez I am 12 years of age. I live in porterville C.A.. It is good quit town but I would like to move back were I used to live. Because Thats my home town and I no a lot of people there. Every time I go to my uncles house all my old friends go and visit me.

Pioneer Middle school



I am on the Olympian team

On the Olympian we do all cines of things. For ex. we are going to Holly Wood to go see the play of the Lion King. Also our teachers are very nice. Mr. Sundre is the coolest teacher in campus. The Olypian team is one of the smartest teams her in campus. The Olympian team is the only one that has all advance classes.

Advanced Computers

I chose advance computes because I need to no how to type faster. Also I chose it because it is fun cause I could hang oround with my friends Valdo, Ben, and Ralf. We had maked diffrent assiments.We also made 3-pictures. That was realy fun to do. The pic that we made we are going to put it in are web site that we are going to make.

Click here to see my 3-D picture

Click her to see my pizza stack

Click her to see my web pic


Physical Education

In my P.E. class we do all cins of stuff. We play football, basketball, vollyball, and campture the flag. Those are somethings we do in P.E. . But it is very hot during P.E. . I have it after lunch and it stinks because we our in a full staomach.


Language Arts

Launguge Arts is one of the bestest class we have. In our class we read for the first 15 minutes. I like that class because we read reading is one of things I like to do one my spare time. Also Mrs. Bradly does not give homework often. Mrs Bradly is cool because she lets us chew gum.



In my science we do a lot of labs. The labs that we do are very cool, because they are simple and fun to do. Also she is a very cool teacher to have because she is nice. Even she shows some of the experiments that she nows how to do.


Social Science

In social science we study about history right now we are studying about the American Revalutionary war. We also wach movies about war the have to do what were are studying about in the class. Mr. Sundre is cool because he makes alot of jokes that are funny. In there he lets us chew gum but if he sees it your gonna have to throw it away. He also lets us drink soda in there, but if some one spills a soda we cant drink no more.



My math teacher is sometimes nice and sometimes mean she aways gives us homework even on friday. On November the 14, of 2001 we are going to go to Holly Wood to wach the play of Lion King. She is are team ledder she is the one that controles every thing in are team. She is the one that is in charge with money thing and every thing else.