Ralph Yorba's Web Page


Hellow I'm Ralph Yorba,

I'm 13 years old I live in portervill Cal.. I Have two dogs there names are Bud and Rascal . They are pit bulls . Then my favorite music is rap and alteritve I like beast boys, mace, p.daddy,a.a.f.. I have a low rider bike it is candy apple red.It has datens


Pioneer Middle School

This school is located in Portervill CA.it is a cool school. The are multi porpoise room is the best place that we have that's what I think. Every Friday we have a activity in the back of the mulity purpose room.


I'm a Trailblazer Team

The trailblazers is a pert cool team the teachers are nice cause they are taking us . they help us do are work when we need to be helped.



Advanced computers

This class is all right I do not like to do mavis beacon it is not fun to do it gets boring . we did three thing in this class since bean in hear we did a 3D pic that was fun

Click her to see my 3-D picture

click her to see my pizza stack

click her to see my web pic


Physical Education

In P.E we played bale ball against Mr. Begin class in bale ball and soft ball. now we are playing foot ball next to are multi purpose room we have to do two laps every day .Then we go to class fore little bite


Lange Arts

in this class we are studding the lion king and hamlet. we are leering the vocabulary of the lion king Mr. Otto is a nice teacher w e are going to see the lion king in Holly wood



We are studying density of fresh water and sat water . we are doing mass and volume now. my teacher is ,mrs. stpanick she is a cool teacher we do a lot of reading in her class


reading lab

we are leering how to do different reading stradiges to learn to read.my teacher is mrs rebensdorf



we are studding fruitions ,percents ,and decimals. my teacher is Mr. stelederhe is fun to do math with he helps us do are math paper when we need it.