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Hello I am Pamela Ramos

I'm 13 years old and I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, I'm not that tall and not that short I'm just right. I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters, that is 7 brothers and sisters plus me is 8. I have a neice to, she talks a little. I just live with my mom , brothers, sisters and my neice. My hobby is listen to the music and my favorit station is Q97.

Pioneer Middle School

Is a very good school. I go to that school. Pioneer is fun because they do a lot of things that are fun and that anybody would like. I love the dances and the teachers speciallyt the Explorer teachers, even though I am an Olympian not an Explorer. Every Friday they do an activity. The mustangs do all kinds of things after school and during school. They also do the renaissance now that is what I called fun. They also do after school sports. All the essanbilies they do are all fun. I think that Pioneer is the best school with the nices teachers. MUSTANGS ROCK.

I am on the Olympian

Team and they have cool teachers and I think anybody would like it if they were in it. I got luky because I am with some of my friends.I hope I have fun in that team. This October 12 we are going on a picnic. I know that I'm going to have fun. We are going to another trip , we are going to see the Lion King Musical Act in Hollywood on November, 14. I just can't wait until we go. The Olympian team is fun and the teachers are cool. I don't care if people say the Olympian team is not cool, I still like it no matter what they say. For me all of the teams are the same because they all go to field trips and they all have cool teachers.

Advanced Computers

Is fun we do a lot of things on the computers every day. My teacher is Mr. Percival he is cool. What we do on the computers is draw specially. Every morning we come in the classroom we sit down and we turn on the computers and we go to Mavis Becon that is were you start to typing . What I like about that class is that it is fun being on the computer all the time. What you do when you are done with your assingment you go and play games. I picked this class for my elective because I like computers and I wanted to learn how to work a computer because probably I'm going to get a computer.

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Physical Education

In P.E. my teacher is Ms. Quintanilla, she is cool and she is nice. The first day we didn't do nothing , she was just talking about the P.E. rules. Then the rest of the days we started to play games. We started to play baseball today. We haven't run a mile yet. Ms. Quintanilla told us that we are going to run the mile until it is cooler because it is hot right now. I love P.E. and that is my best class right now. Last year I had another cool teacher Mr. Phillips. He is old but he is still a cool teacher and nicer one to. I hope we do some more different games for P.E.

Language Arts

For language Arts I have Mrs. Bradly, she is cool to and nice. In that class we don't a lot of things. The only things that we do are just vocabulary test and read. Every day we come in the classroom and get a book and everyone starts to read. We don't get homework every day just when Mrs. Bradly gives us the vocabulary words that is when we have homework. Sometimes I think that class is boring but then I think it is cool.


For Science I have Mrs. Hembree she is cool to like the other teachers. I say that she is cool because she dosen't gets us in trouble and she is nice. She is funny to and she dosen't gives us that much homework. What we do in that class is fun because Mrs. Hembree makes it fun. We do study guides and when we do fun stuff we do things like eat chocolate or gum we just don't eat them we have to measure them to. Well it is realy fun in there and it is easy.

Reading Lab

Reading Lab is very cool and the teacher too. I feel like a little kid in that class even though I'm not. It is fun because she dosen't gives us that much homework. For homework we read every day and that is all. Oh yeah my teacher is Mrs. Eoff she is very cool and nice. What we do in there is all about reading and some other stuff. There is some nice people in there well in that class. Well I realy like that class and I'm trying to pass it so I could go to my reguler class.


For Math I have Mrs. Herarra she is cool to like the other teachers that I mention. We get a lot of homework in the class. Mrs. Herarra is cool because she is fun , she gives us fun homework and we play games too. Every day when we come in the classroom we wright in our planers and ten we do warm-ups. Then we correct the warm ups and then she gives us some woke to do. That class is pretty good for me. I got luky that I got this team and this class.