Osvaldo Rodriguez's Web page

Hello I am Osvaldo Rodriguez  

Hello I am Osvaldo Rodriguez, I am 13 years old and live in Porterville CA. It is boring hear and I would like to live some place else. This town has nothing in it and there is nothing to do ever. If I could live anywhere I wanted I would live in New York City because I like big cities. There is always some thing to do and you are never board .

Pioneer Middle School

The school that I go to is a good school and there are a lot of fun and would not go to any other school. This school means a lot to me and the other middle school here is not cool, any ways. So this is the best middle school in Porterville. The thing that I like the most about in Pioneer is that all of my friends go to Pioneer. A other reason is that there are some of the best teachers here and they are all cool.

I am on the Olympian team.

The team that I am on is the best team at Pioneer. Because we have the most $$money and we go on the most trips. Most of the teacher are cool but one of them is the coolest teacher that you could find and his name is Mr. Sundre. He is my social science teachers. He lets us speak our minds and he lets us talk about the current events that are happening. That is why he is my favorite teacher.

Advanced Computers

The reason I choose advanced computers is because it is fun. In my class I sit by my friend Robert and my other friend Ben. They are both cool and we do have a lot of fun together in this class. So far in this class we have done typing and clusters and making this web page. We also made this 3-D pic that was really cool and we are going to put it up on our website.

Click here to see my 3-D picture

Click here to see my pizza stack

Cick here to see my webpic

Physical Education

In P.E. we do what all the other classes do and it isn't that fun because it is hot right now. But other than that P.E. is cool the teacher will be mean if you make her mad. But most of the time she is nice. Some of the games that we have played so far are capture the flag, and football.

Language Arts

This class we do a lot of reading and it fun only some of the time but the teacher is always nice. We are doing a lot of writting and that is cool with me. But I do think that we could cut down on reading because we just do so much of it and some times people don't even read and that is not doing any good.


This class is cool and the teacher is real nice. We do a lot of labs that are cool and they are all fun. She is cool and makes learning easy for us all we would have to do is look at our notes and we would find the answer. That is my easiest class I have and right now I have a B+.

Social Science

This is the class that has the cool teacher in it. This class is the coolest out of any, because he lets us talk about current events and we get to say thing that we could not say before. But some times he does get mad and we do get in trouble but that is what he does. I mean he has to get people in trouble.


This is only advanced class I have besides computers. But it is hard and the math that we do is high school level. I am not going to lie to you it is hard and I do not have the best grade in the class but I think that I will be able to get thought it. I mean It is hard but will pass it.