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Hello I am Nerina Nunez,

I am 13 years old and I have one brother, his name is Jorge. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes I am tall. I am older than my brother. My brother is going to be 11 in December. My favorite hobby is swimming and playing basketball. I love to be in the water with my friends playing games. I love basketball a lot special playing with my friends. I love listening to the radio. My favorite station is Q97. I live with my mom and her husband my brother, and my uncle.

Pioneer Middle School

Is a very nice school. I have a lot of friends. Pioneer is very fun because they do a lot of things like dances. This school is fun because they have a lot of cool teachers like all my 7th grade teachers they were all nice they made learning fun especially Mr. Ishida witch are the Explorers. Every Friday on the back of the multi-purpose building they do games and relays they are very fun. The game that was cool was were you have to run in your boxers around some cones. They also have Renaissance. Renaissance is for people that get good grades and for people that come to school every day also it is for people with good attitude.

I am on the Trailblazer Team

Trailblazers is the best team in the Pioneer Middle School. I love being a Trailblazer. In a month or two we are going to Hollywood to see the Lion King musical act in November 13. We are also going to be in the bottom of the Hollywood letters and we are going to see all the lights come on in Los Angeles and we are going to come back like at 2 in the morning. All the teams are cool. All my teachers are cool too. At the end of the year we are going to Magic Mountain right after our graduation. I think I am going to have allot of fun being a Trailblazer. I got lucky because I have a lot of friends on that team that I can talk to.

Advanced Computers

Is a lot of fun. We draw pictures write lots of paragraphs. In computers I sit right next to one of my very good friend Pamela. We just finish doing a 3d picture. Our teacher for computers is Mr. Percival he is a very cool teacher. I chose this for my elective because I like computers a lot. I all ready now how to type with out poking the keys well almost. Mavis Becon helped me learn the keys that program is cool. The program teaches you how to learn the keys and how to type fast. When you are done with an assignment you could go an play games.

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Physical Education

In P.E. I have a nice teacher his name is Mr. Begin. We play cool games like yesterday we played basketball in the gym. We also play volley-ball against Mr. Phillips class.We always win them. I have P.E. in six period, it is so hot. We always walk two laps and then we play the game that we suppose to like today I think we are playing basketball or volley-ball. In P.E. I have lots of friends I could talk to like my friend Marycruz, Noemi, Jessica, Margarita, and Marisela. I have a lot of fun messing around with them. The first day of P.E. he just talked about P.E. He is a cool teacher.

Language Arts

In Language Arts is fun and boring. What makes it fun is that he is a cool teacher. What makes it boring its that he makes us write a lot. He makes us write lots of paragraphs for the stories that we read. I also like that class because right now we are studying about The Lion King and we are learning the songs because we are going to a museum to see the Lion King musical act in Hollywood and he said that probobly there is going to be famous people in there. In language arts we have like diaries but he calls them journals every day we write in them. He is a cool teacher.


In science we do lots of labs. They are cool. Our teachers name is Ms. Stepaneck. Yesterday we did this lab with clay. We had to make a boat and make it float. We also had to fill it with cargo ours sunk. Once we did this lab of measuring the classroom it was fun. Everyday we come in take our note books out and do a Take 5. That is a question that they give us everyday about science.

Social Science

In social studies we are studying about the British people and American people. Its fun. I like that class because I laugh a lot and he makes it fun showing us all kinds of videos. Yesterday we were drawing posters about the British vs the Americans. I got an A-. He is a cool teacher because he is nice and because he doesn't give us that much homework like other teachers. He is a nice and cool teacher. He makes us laugh a lot with this picture that he has. Right now we are selling candy to pay for our journey.


In math its cool because the teacher is nice but he leaves us lots of homework. I like that class because he makes it fun. He is nice and a cool teacher with all the students. He puts on the bored funny stuff for us to figure out they are sometimes funny. What I don't like about that class is that I don't sit with two of my friend in that class. Almost none of my friends are in it only two.