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Hello my name is Martin

I am 13 I live with my mom and dad. I have 2 dog's they like to play with me a lot. Will am here to tell you about what I do at home. I like to talk to my mom about what I do at school. Am on the Raiders football team. We are 4-0 we win all the games. I have a lot of fun playing football. I always do my home work. I do my math work at school. I Wanda go to the rock show.

Pioneer Middle School

There's a lot of cool people. Like some guy name Martin has so cool. Will that the school I go to. It of the hook. That's the school I always wanna go to that's w why am here today. If I was going to some other school. I have a lot of friend's that go to this school.

I am on the team Trailblazers

Am on the team Trailblazers. There the best team at Pioneer. All the other team's are no good. They don't have a lot of fun That's why I am on the Trailblazers. Like the Trailblazers were going on a lot of fun thing this year, Like a lot of my friend's are on that team so I got happy when they told me I was on that team.

Advance computers

It's cool in here because it's fun. If you do your work he will let you play game's. I have a lot of friend's seting by me in here. Like one of them is Jason. He cool to talk to. I saw Jason in here. Now like am always with him talking to him an thing like that. I saw Joe in here to. It's fun playing the games up in here. I like advance computers it's one of the fun's classes I have.

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Physical Educacaion

I have P.E bed period. With some guy that is so cool. I didn't like him at The beging But now he's cool. I don't like the time, I have P.E but it will do. It make's me mad because it's so hot. I think I like P.E is because i like to play game's a lot but like I said it's to hot to play. I had run all day one time it was not fun. I was going to play football but they made me run. I don't like to run but I have to and it's ok with me.

Language Arts

Will my language art's teacher is Mr Otto. He's cool with me he never get's mad at me if I didn't do noting. If I do something he will get mad but i don't get mad because I know i did something bad. I talk to him about football. He like's football like I do. He was playing football in school wend he was like 16. Just as I was going to say but someone was talking to me. He's a cool teacher.


Will in science I got end period. so it's cool. We do a lot of fun thing in there. That's what science is all about. Having fun but we have to read alit in there. Will I don't know allot of science because I have not be in there for a long time. That's why I can't tell you a lot about what I do in there so that's why am tell you about it now.

Social science

Will its kind of cool in there. We see a lot of moves. There like 5 mines so That's not that fun. We have aloe of work in there. I have allot of friend's like Jason in there and a lot more but am not going to take the time and tell you. He's kind of mean but it cool because I don't talk back to him.


Will in math we have home work every day but I do it in class. That's class I like I don't know why but I do I don't talk in there. I do my work all the time I never miss my homework in that class. His son play's football on my team he's like the cool's teacher ever he's so cool. He don't let no one set where ever the Wanda set but it's cool because I don't talk in there.