Micaela Lara's webpage


Hello I am Micaela,

I'm 13 years old right now but I'll turn 14 on February 22. I like listening to Alternative music!! I like all kinds of different music too. My favorite bands right now are Weezer, Blink 182, No Doubt, Sum 41, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, MXPX, Incubus, and other bands. Let me tell you about myself. I've grown up with three brothers and two lovely parents. Although I'm the only girl in the family it's pretty cool because I get to do whatever I want. My favorite colors are: Red, black, silver, and like a dark light purple. I speak both Spanish and English. I'm really proud of that. I'm going to describe myself. A lot of people say I'm really cool person to talk to. They say I'm really weird, LOUD, and crazy. They also say that they can always count on me for anything, even to make then laugh!! They consider me crazy and weird because of my clothes and the way I think. I love to talk to people because I feel like they are having a good time. I hate when people talk about me in a bad way. I don't really care because they are just jealous J/k I don't know. I think people need to realize that they need to meet the person before they start talking bad about them.

Pioneer Middle School

This is a "OK" school. All of my friends are RAD!! We have pretty mad cool noon activities on Fridays. What's really RAD about this school is that we have Renaissance assemblies. People win awards and you have a chance to perform. It's really fun and exciting. Now let me tell you about the dances. We don't really get much dances but it's all good. Although the last dance was not all that great I still had fun because they try to make this school fun for us. The teachers who teach here are really mad cool. Last year the 8th graders were cool but now we are the 8th graders. I hope we motivate the little 7th graders. All my cousins, aunts, and uncles came to this school. Maybe my children will come here too.

I am on the Trailblazer Team

TRAILBLAZERS rock!! I'm so glad I am on this team. It's the original 8th grade team. Since I was in 7th grade I wanted to be in this team. We have nice teachers. Mr. Otto is so RAD. He likes the Smashing Pumpkins. He likes all kinds of old bands too. So far this team is really fun. On the 13th of November we are going on a "journey" to Hollywood. I'm so excited of going there because I've never been there. Right now in Language Arts we are learning about "The Lion King". We are going to see a play about it when we go to Hollywood. The teachers in the TRAILBLAZER team help you through out everything. TRAILBLAZERS will always keep on Rocking.

Advanced Computers

This class is really fun. Mr. Percival is a hard working teacher. What we do every day in Advanced Computers is go to"Mavis Baecon" and type. We don't just do that we also have to do assignments most of the time. The first day we had to do a picture of anything we wanted to do. After that we did more things. The assignment that I really liked was making my own 3D picture. Our assignment that we have to do now is our webpage. What makes it fun is that I have some of my friends here. First of all I have my two wonderful friends here, Imelda and Yessica. They are cool to talk to. I also have some of my guy friends in here too. Working with computers is fun to do. That's why I choose this class for one of my electives.

Click here to see my 3D picture

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Physical Education

I have my Physical Education early in the morning. The only bad thing about having this in the morning is that you have to wake up early. Sometimes I don't want to wake up. I have my friend Michelle in that class. The first thing we do is get in line so that Mr. Phillips can take role. My P.E teacher Mr. Phillips is cool too. He is really nice. He said he loves kids that's why he's here teaching. We have to take a lap every day. After we are done with the laps we play a sport. Right now we are playing Football.

Language Arts

Mr. Otto's class is pretty easy going. We are learning about "The Lion King". It's cool. We sing songs and write about it. We are going to be writing a lot during the year. Every day we have to write in our journals. We read from the literature books and answer questions. Mr. Otto is a strong leader. He organizes everything in our team. O-yeah he likes alternative music. I remember the first days of school we had to write about our life. I thought that was cool because he said that if it weren't for us to write all this down, we wouldn't remember about it later on.


I have science after lunch. Well any ways this class is also fun. We do a lot of work too. Every day we have to answer a question in our "Take five". After that we read and learn some more a about what we read. Right now we are learning about chemistry. It's fun. Yesterday we made clay bouts to see if they would flout with little pieces of grams. We do a lot of other things to. It's really fun in there.

Social Science

Mr. Herrera is my social science teacher. He's really cool. He's very nice too. During class he will be sending letters and flowers to teachers. The work we do in his class is not really hard. I'm doing good in his class. He's very quick. I like the way he speaks. He gives good lecture. The only thing that scares me is that if your late to his class he makes you "CLEAN AMERICA". He's still cool though. In his class right now we are learning about the American Revolution. We also make posters and mine was one of the best.


Math,or "algebra", is fun also. The test are really hard. We take a test every time we finish a unit in our book. Mr.Stigleader is my teacher. He tells us everything we have to do. In order to understand the math problems we are grouped up in groups. All we do in that class is get ahead with our homework. I have cool friends in there. I have Yessica of course, Maria, and Jennifer. The cool thing about this class is that he let's us go 5 minutes early for lunch. Being in this class is really fun. But sometimes not really.