Kory Brooks' web page


Hello my name is Koryester Shawn Ward-Brooks

My first class is zero period P.E. 2nd, I have this computers class. I have math for my 3rd class of the day. Mr. Sundre is a really cool social studies teacher. Mrs. Hembree is the science teacher. Then, I go to eat lunch at this cool school. My most favorite class is Art Projects class at 5th period. Then I go to the Language Arts class which is really cool.

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Pioneer Middle School

My school is on College avenue. It is a good school. It is better than Bartlett. I like this school. Nothing will make me leave. This school is the best middle school in Porterville. In this school, I have 7 classes. The latest building is the multi-purpose building. It is now called the Don Erwin student center. We eat and do P.E. in there.

I am on the OLYMPIANS team.

The Olympian team is better than the Seeker team and the Trail Blazer team because we just are. We get to build rockets and toothpick bridges. My science teacher is Mrs. Hembree. She will be instructing us when we do the rockets and the bridges. I want to make a 2 foot bridge.

Advanced computer.

Right now we are doing this assignment in computers that involves typing. Computers is fun. I am doing pretty good. I have a B+ in this class. Since this school has advanced computers. I came to get good grades. We will soon use the internet. Mr.Percival is the teacher.

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Physical Ed.

My P.E. class is called zero period. It starts before computers. We play different games all the time. Mr. Philips is the teacher. I like kickball, baseball, and flagfoot ball. Volleyball is lots of fun too. We have to be there at 7:30 every morning.

Lang. arts.

This class is my TH period class. I like this class because I can read books like Drivers Ed. Mrs. Bradley is the teacher. She says, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." We have tests every Tuesday. Its a vocabulary test. We have to match up the words to get them right.


Mrs Hembree is my science teacher. This class is TH period. In this class, we have to measure up stuff on the balance. We have to do work sheets which are quite challenging. I have a B in this class. We learn how to measure weight and the volume of stuff.


This is my worst subject. It is 2nd period. My teacher is Mrs. Herrera. It is a hard class. But it is cool. I sort a like this class in a way. Once I pass This class, The math will get harder. My mom says that.

Social studies.

Mr. Sundre is my s.s teacher. I call him Mr. Sunshine. He lets me do irregular stuff. He is the best S.S teach in the school. Well this concludes my story....................NOT! I Still have more..................THE END!