Joshua hunt's web page


Hello I am Joshua Ray Hunt

My favorite subject is Science we get to make cool stuff and weigh stuff to. My other favorite subject is Language Arts because I get to read and right things that I like. I like to read Goose Bumps those books are cool because they have Mysteries in them. Social Studies is fun to we get to study about the middle ages the world. The class that I really like the most is computers because we get to do fun stuff like go on the Internet and play games.

Pioneer Middle school

Pioneer is the best Middle school in Porterville they have the best teachers here. I am glad that I came to Pioneer because the teachers at the other schools are mean. I don't won't to go to any other school because the other schools are cheep. They have the best Education you can get here at Pioneer the teachers treat you nice here. I like Pioneer because they have a computer class here as well as other activities.

I am on the Seeker Team

The seeker team is the best team out of the whole school. I like the Seekers because we do a lot of things on the seeker team. We are better than the Olympians, and the Trailblazers. We get to make gum , goo, and other fun stuff. We as a Seeker team sell a lot of candy for fund raising to make money for our field trips. There are a lot of my friends on the Seeker team and we always hang out. I like the activities that the Seekers do for fun.

Advanced computers

Pioneer Middle school has Advanced computers it teaches you a lot of things about computers. I like computer class because there are fun things to do on the computers. We get to go on the Internet in computer class that what makes it fun in computer class. We do have to do some work but its all fun and it is not hard. I am glad that I have computer class because in the morning I get to come in and do my work and play on the computers.

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Physical education

Pioneer has the best P.E teachers here and they let me do fun activities. My P.E teachers name is Mr.Viera an he is a cool P.E teacher. We get to play basket ball, foot ball and other fun activities as well. I am glad that my P.E teacher is Mr. Viera he is the best P.E teacher here at Pioneer. I don't won't another P.E teacher because Mr. Viera is the best one in the whole school because he lets you do a lot of fun activities.

Language Arts

I like Language Arts because we have Mr. Hoge as are Language Arts teacher. We get to read and write and I like both of those items.Mr. Hoge is the best language Arts teacher at Pioneer because he is cool and he does fun activities with his classes. We get to do plays and other things in mr. Hoges class and he likes to tell jokes with all of his classes as well. Mr.Hoge likes to tell jokes to the class and thats because Mr. Hoge is cool.

Social Science

I like Social science because we get to study about the American Revolution and other thing that occurred in the middle ages. Mr. Moraga is a nice teacher he explains every thing to the students in the simplest forms so the students could under stand him. I like studying about the middle ages because its exciting to study about the wars that occurred. The best thing I like about Mr. Moraga is that he gives his classes easy home work.


I love science I like to discover things that I never knew in science. Mrs. Phipps is a nice science teacher she is studying fun things with her every day. We do have to take tests some times but other than that I love her class. This year in her class she is making things with her classes that I never thought I can make. When I come into her class I write down the vocabulary and put them in my vocabulary books.


I like Math because the teacher in it is nice. Mrs. Rodriguez is a nice math teacher because she likes to make joke with her class and have fun. I think her math is hard but it will help me when I get older. I like Algebra a little bit because it shows me that I can actually do hard math by my self. Mrs. Rodriguez does give her class home work but its mostly easy home work. I like to study math because when I get older I won't to have the knowledge to use math when I get older.