Joe Leyba Webpage


Hello I am Joe Leyba

I have A big dog at my house. I have a cat that got neutered. My dog is going to get it on Friday. I play for the raiders and we are 4.0. My best time is the raiders.

Pioneer Middle School

Their is a lot of cool cat's at the school. like martin he is a relay cool football player.

I am a Trablebllaser

I am on the tame trablebllaser. They are of the hesefochesey. We blase the trails.

Advanced Computer

Computers is cool.I sit by Jason. He is funny.the games are pretty cool.They have a sky game you jump mountains it is bad.

Click here to see my 3d pic.

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Click here to see my pizza stack.


Math is cool sum times.I don't like it when we have homework all the time. But other then that it's cool. I sit by A lot of smart people that's really cool. But I still don't A's.


That class is all so cool.All you do is homework the hole time.But it's cool.Some times it gets boring in their but it helps my grad a lot so that's why it's good for me.

language arts

This class is cool.Martin and Jason is in their.That is really cool their are my best friends.The teacher is cool to he is funny.I like my language arts class.



Sciences is cool to . My other fiend is in that class. He is really funny in that class.He all ways makes me laugh he is really funny. My teacher is cool to she is really cool.


Physical Education

I thank p.e is the best. You get to have fun for A grad I thank that is my best class. it is so fun and the teacher is cool to. He is really funny I have fiends in that class.that is all I have to say.